2030 General Plan

What is the 2030 General Plan?

The 2030 General Plan is a planning document which provides long term guidance to the Tahoe Donner Board of Directors for future spending programs for amenities and infrastructure. The purpose of the plan is to provide a framework of recommended projects which address the needs and desires of the association to maintain the amenities and infrastructure. The document is compiled by the General Plan Committee (GPC) with extensive input from Tahoe Donner homeowners, the board of directors and staff.

Note:  The GPC is currently developing the 2035 General Plan which will update the 2030 General Plan currently on the website. It will be based on member and guest use patterns of the amenities, financial impact on the association, and conformance to the vision for Tahoe Donner. Besides measuring use patterns (particularly overuse of facilities), member input will be solicited by the GPC member survey and future Town Hall meetings

Stay tuned to Tahoe Donner’s web site, email newsletter and the Tahoe Donner News magazine for the latest information on each of these projects. You can look forward to more financial details, drawings of new facilities and meeting times when each item will be discussed. The next five years will be very busy as we update amenities that provide an even better experience for everyone!