Golf Tips

Golf Tips from the Pro

Putting Putting is an integral part of the game. Read on to get some tips – then hit the putting green for some practice and watch your score drop.
GOLF_20140716_140452 Chipping is another important aspect of any short game. Check out what our pro has to say about improving this stroke.
GOLF_20140716_140452 Here are some tips for improving pace of play – an important element in having a good experience at the golf course.
GOLF_20140716_140452 Confidence on the course affects every aspect of your game. See how you can boost your confidence and lower your score.
Golf_EarlySeasonSnowBefore_5.14.14 Here are some tips on how to practice your swing in winter. Our pro has some great advice on how you can improve your swing when you can’t make it onto the course.
golf pic The importance of the proper feel when gripping the club cannot be overstated, nor can the importance of the role of the grip.
Summer-spring_june2015_GSproehnle (58) By far the most common struggle for the recreational golfer is the increasingly frustrating challenge of producing the same results on the course that are experienced on the driving range. Here are a few practice tips to help you transition from the range to the course.