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Candidate Statements: 2014 Tahoe Donner Board of Directors Election

As a member of Tahoe Donner, you should have recently received election materials for this year’s board of directors election. Two three-year terms are being filled, with three property owners running for the positions:

The purpose of the candidate statements is to give voting members some insight into the perspectives of the individual candidates. (Note: Statements are posted exactly as received. No review for accuracy nor editing of content in any way is performed by the association, and the association is not liable for their content. The order of the candidates appearing on this page and in your ballot was determined by random draw.)

Candidates Night

In addition, there will be an opportunity on Saturday, June 7, at Northwoods Clubhouse from 7 – 9 p.m. to listen to each candidate as they present their views and positions for the future of Tahoe Donner.

We also have a page on our website for letters to the editor where you may submit or review candidate endorsements.

When you receive the election materials, please read them carefully. Our director election materials require specific and detailed procedures. You must sign the return envelope where indicated for your vote to count! If the steps are not followed exactly, according to California law, the ballot is disqualified. If you find something in the election materials to be confusing, or you have questions, please let us know—we’re here to help. Bonnie Watkins at 530-587-9431 or is happy to answer any questions you may have.


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