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When you Visit

What To Know

We are delighted to welcome you to the Tahoe Donner Golf Course and know your round will be more enjoyable when you join us in observing a few minimal standards and core values.  We strive to provide a premier club setting appropriate to the relaxed mountain lifestyle and we appreciate our patrons choosing to dress in a respectful manner befitting the surroundings and quality of the Tahoe Donner Golf Course. We value the respect our members and guests have for each other and for the atmosphere of the course environment.

Proper Attire

Women may wear a sleeveless blouse with a collar or a collarless blouse with a shoulder section of at least three inches wide.  Tank tops are not acceptable. The lengths of tailored shorts or skirts are to be no shorter than five inches above the knee. Men must wear a collared shirt at all times. A mock collar is acceptable.

Pace of Play

Approximately 4 and a half hours is sufficient time to complete a round of golf at Tahoe Donner under most circumstances.  Your place on the course is behind the group in front of you- not in front of the group behind you.

The Open Hole Courtesy

When an entire hole opens ahead of your match, you are expected to invite a faster group behind you to play through.

Four Cornerstones of Golf Etiquette

  • Play “ready golf”
  • Remove all broken tees from the
    teeing ground
  • Replace all divots and cover with sand mix
  • Repair all ball marks found on a green

Meet the Pro

New Head Golf Pro Rob Weizer joins the Tahoe Donner Team

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Drive & Dine Fall Golf Special

It was so popular last spring, we brought it back!

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