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With recent land acquisitions and capital upgrades being made at our amenities, which are funded by a combination of development and replacement reserve funds, we’ve planned for and will continue to implement various amenity improvements as approved by the Board of Directors and defined by the Strategic Plan and 2030 General Plan. As a result, we continue receiving support and positive comments regarding these widespread investments, as they’re improving member experiences and overall pride of ownership within our diverse family of homeowners and their guests.  The following projects are completed or underway and listed in chronological order for your review;

Capital Projects

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Feb 2012

Euer Valley Purchase

Euer Valley PurchaseThe Euer Valley purchase of 482 acres has been completed. Appropriate uses and rules are currently being crafted by staff and the board of directors, with extensive feedback from...

Mar 2012

Purchase of new Forestry Facility

The Board of Directors announced at the September 24, 2011 monthly board meeting that the Association had entered into escrow for a 20 acre parcel on the periphery of Tahoe Donner property which...

Apr 2012

Storage Loft addition in Marina Boat House

With increased popularity in programs and equipment rentals at Beach Club Marina, additional storage needs have been met by adding a storage loft and staircase, increasing operational storage by...

May 2012

Cell Tower

Tahoe Donner Association continues to work with American Tower Corporation (NYSE: AMT) to build a new cell tower near the top of the Tahoe Donner Downhill Ski Area Eagle Rock lift to better provide...

Jun 2012

Bocce Court remodel at Northwoods Clubhouse

Due to growing popularity and demand for the game of Bocce within the membership and their guests, the Bocce area was remodeled and an additional court was added.

Jul 2012

Tennis Facility Remodel and new Quickstart Courts

Scope; With the objective of removing the underutilized lawn and backboard area for the installation of Quickstart courts, we have successfully implemented a progressive USTA youth learning program...

Aug 2012

Snowplay and Driving Range Improvements

Scope; With increased Snowplay visitation and subsequent necessary accessible upgrades, a remodeled ticket kiosk, staircase, ramp, and driving range berming have been completed to improve summer...

Aug 2012

New Amenity and Wayfinding Signage

Scope; The new signage is part of the overall effort to represent Tahoe Donner as a first-class place to live and to continue improving Tahoe Donner for future generations. The design of each sign...

Sep 2012

Trout Creek wall capping

Trout Creek wall capping beforeTrout Creek wall capping AFTER

Sep 2012

New Parking Lot at Downhill Ski Area

Scope; By adding a new parking lot at the downhill ski area, Tahoe Donner now offers an additional 65 parking stalls available for guest use which is a 33% increase in parking capacity. We now have...

Sep 2012

Hike/Bike Trail into Euer Valley

To provide homeowners and guests a unique and scenic trail from XC Center into Euer Valley and away from the vehicle access road, a new trail named Cinnamon Twist, is now complete.  This trail is...

Oct 2012

Storage Barn at The Lodge

Scope; With increasing homeowner popularity for special events held at The Lodge, storage of equipment and furniture is now properly stored in an onsite and secure location. Upon the approval by the...

Nov 2012

Maintenance Facility Remodel

Scope;  In lieu of a brand new Maintenance Facility, the TDA Board of Directors supported a comprehensive remodel alternative, where construction commenced in November of 2012, and where the...

Nov 2012

The Lodge Improvements

The recent expansion and improvements at The Lodge are now complete. Once the first building permit was issued last December of 2012, the old deck has transformed into an enclosed porch with a roof...

Jan 2013

Alder Creek Adventure Center

March 2015;  Now that the building is enclosed and protected from weather, continued efforts to install insulation and drywall is underway, while cabinets and casework are being constructed...

Apr 2013

Forestry Facility Remodel

Tahoe Donner Forestry Facility is now complete and ready for 2013 operations. By acquiring an adjacent 20 acre parcel at the end of Teton Way, which brings Tahoe Donner’s combined land holdings to...

May 2013

Tennis Center Entrance

Valuable safety and aesthetic improvements have been made at the Tennis Center entrance.  With the upper walkway now level and resurfaced with previous paver stones, new stone benches and a...

Sep 2013

Beach Club Marina Remodel

September 2013 – Board Decides to Withdraw Appeal to Truckee Planning Commission During a regularly scheduled board of directors meeting on Saturday, Sept. 28, 2013, the board voted 4-0 to...

Oct 2013

Equestrian Operations

January 12, 2015: The Equestrian Steering Committee met to review the following items; Project Scope and Detail: During the summer of 2014, Lahontan Water Quality Board requested that Tahoe Donner...

Oct 2013

Downhill Ski School Expansion

As Tahoe Donner Downhill Ski Area has earned the reputation of being the best place for family fun and learning in the Tahoe region, we are expanding our successful learn-to-ski program, one of the...

Oct 2013

Cross Country Warming Huts

Last summer, all four of the Cross Country Ski Area warming huts were repaired and painted using replacement reserve funds.  With regular and systematic monitoring, each Tahoe Donner amenity is...

Mar 2014

Trails Master Plan

The Trails Master Plan includes existing and proposed trail systems within Tahoe Donner Association that supports varied membership use, while encouraging exploration and environmental stewardship,...

Oct 2014

Land Management Plan

Summer 2014; Staff members at Tahoe Donner Association are working with a homeowner working group, the board of directors, and necessary consultants to prepare a Land Management Plan for review...

Apr 2016

Trout Creek Solar Panel Implementation

Utilize energy efficient technology to improve the operational efficiency of the year around outdoor pool and heating system currently in place.