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Active Projects
The General Plan Committee reviews all new ideas on a monthly basis, with the following projects below making their top priority.  Once a Project Information Paper is written, project details are further reviewed by an assigned Task Force, for subsequent consideration and approval by the Board of Directors. Each project is then prioritized for implementation over the next few years as funding allows, with project updates attached here;

  1. Association Master Plan
  2. Remodel of Pool-side locker rooms, steam room, and sauna
  3. Summer Trail Grooming for low-snow years at Nordic and DH areas
  4. Cluster Mailbox Consolidation and overhead roof structure
  5. Expanded Parking at Glacier Way Trailhead
  6. Additional Storage at Alder Creek Adventure Center
  7. Bottle Filling Stations at each Amenity
  8. Consider Master Plan for phased Downhill Ski Lodge and Lift replacement 
  9. Consider lower-cost remodel options at Trout Creek Recreation Center
  10. Consider Phase 3 Equestrian Relocation
  11. Employee Housing