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Equestrian Camp

November 2014: the Equestrian Steering Committee worked with Staff and the General Planning Committee, along with input from recent Town Hall meetings to provide clear recommendations for updated infrastructure, safe circulation, and efficient equestrian operations. The Board of Directors reviewed and approved these recommendations on 11/22/2014, allowing staff to move forward with plans for the final Town Hall meeting, which is tentatively set for January 9 at 5pm at The Lodge Restaurant & Pub. We will continue working with committees and agencies to further detail the project scope for forthcoming permitting and budget approvals, in accordance with the approved Equestrian master plan version 7.1 (see below). Upon receipt of final board and agency approvals through the upcoming winter months, work would begin this spring for equestrian operations during the summer of 2015.

Equestrian Master Plan version 7.1 

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