Tahoe Donner has several committees which focus on various aspects integral to the overall operation of the association. Committee members work with staff and the board of directors to help plan for the future of the association. Volunteering on a committee gives members the chance to contribute to the association and learn more about our unique mountain community.

 Committee meetings

*NWCH = Northwoods Clubhouse

Committees and Chairs

Architectural Standards Rod Whitten
Covenants  Al Noyes
Finance  Art King
General Plan Michael Sullivan
Elections Bette Rohrback
Tahoe Donner Giving Fund Richard Gander


Charters for the following committees:

Current Vacancies

General Plan: None
Covenants: One regular and two alternate positions
Architectural Standards: None
Elections: One regular and one alternate position
Finance: None
Tahoe Donner Giving Fund: Two alternate positions

To serve on a committee, a member must be in good standing. If you are interested in serving on a committee, send a letter of interest to the Executive Assistant.