Summer Registration NOW OPEN

Day Camps, Aquatics and Equestrian Registration Open to Members and Guests! 

Check your summer calendars and sign up early! Summer will be here before we know it! That also means now is the time to start thinking about summer camp, swim lessons and other summer activities for you and your family. We have opened registration for Tahoe Donner summer programs; the registration schedule – with dates and times – is below. Follow the links to get summer 2015 program info and links to our ShopTD site to sign up.

Day Camps

Our diverse camp programs for ages 3 to 12 are packed full of learning and exploration. We believe in challenging your kids through new and diverse outdoor experiences. Our programs focus on outdoor education and environmental awareness. Day campers will participate in various activities such as rock climbing, beach outings, hiking and exploring the Tahoe National Forest. Our staff aims to give each child a great mountain experience while providing a fun and safe learning environment. For information on 2015 Day Camps, including dates and rates, see Day Camp program information or our registration information page.

Follow the links from our Day Camp program information page to find the appropriate program for your child. Sign up now.

Aquatics Programs

We offer a variety of programs from youth and adult swim lessons to lifeguard training and certification. Come join us for some fun in the sun! For information on 2015 Aquatics programs, including dates and rates, see the Aquatics program information on our website. Sign up now.

Equestrian Programs

Our equestrian day camps are for ages 8 to 14. These are half-day, week-long riding camps for groups of four students with a two-to-one student/teacher ratio. Each student has his or her own horse for the week. Students will learn the fundamentals of horsemanship, safety and riding skills. Grooming, tacking, arena work, trail riding, bathing and a horse show on Friday are all part of the curriculum. All camps are open levels for beginner through intermediate riders. For program details, please see the Equestrian programs information on our website. Sign up now.


In order to register for the Day Camps and Aquatics programs, children must be members. Please make sure your information is current at the Member Services office. All you need to do is make a quick call to the Member Services office at 530-587-9400 to make sure your child is listed as a current member. We suggest you check the status of your children before the registration date so any issues can be resolved in advance.
For additional information, please see our registration information page for Aquatics and Day Camps.


To register as a guest, you must obtain either a transferable guest card ID number or a member card ID number. For additional information, please see our registration information page for Aquatics and Day Camps.

Be on the lookout for the 2015 Summer Fun Guide, coming this spring. Questions? Call the Trout Creek Recreation Center at 530-587-9437. If you would like assistance with the registration process or your online profile, contact Member Services at 530-587-9400, ext. 0.

March 8, 2015

Should Truckee Use 96-Gallon Carts Instead of Green Waste Bags?


On Thursday night, March 26, 2015, Town staff provided a presentation to the Town Council regarding the Town’s residential yard waste disposal programs. The presentation was informational only. Town staff did not provide the Town Council with any recommendations or seek further direction regarding changes in program offerings for the 2015 summer season. Town staff shared yard waste survey data and comments with the Council. Town staff also reviewed the current program mix which includes free yard waste drop-off at the Eastern Regional Landfill and on-site reduced cost dumpsters for spring cleanup and defensible space activities as well as the green bag program for on-going yard maintenance.

Town staff discussed the curbside green bag program with the Town Council and explained some of the current challenges with the program which include: large unsightly piles of green bags in neighborhoods through the spring, summer and fall; increasing program costs which may result in an higher fees assessed to homeowners; worker safety and moral; and the 15 tons of plastic being generated annually as a result of the program.

Town staff explained that they will continue to work with Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal, the Town’s hauler, and community groups, including Tahoe Donner HOA on further evaluation of the curbside program and any potential modifications; however, at this time Town staff does not anticipate any immediate changes.

The Town is reviewing and working with Tahoe Truckee Sanitation District to:
1. Determine possibility of reducing the 6-yard green waste dumpster to encourage use for annual yard clean up rather than the 30-50 green bags;
2. Green bags will still be available and curbside service will continue this year; however, there will be a focus through education pieces to in an effort to reduce the unsightly piles of green bags in neighborhoods, injuries to TTSD employees due to overloaded bags, and plastic generation, etc. The green bag program was and is designed for the regular yard waste maintenance not the annual clean up. A reminder that TTSD will only pick up four (4) bags per week.
3. Education: The Town’s goal is to re-educate the consumer on green waste disposal options.

The Town of Truckee is considering a shift in its curbside yard waste collection program by replacing green bags with 96-gallon rolling carts. If approved by the Town Council, the program would be implemented over a two-year process. It would first be rolled out in Tahoe Donner and Glenshire in May 2015 with all remaining neighborhoods in 2016. This change would result in a one-time cart delivery fee of $35 for those choosing to participate; green bags would no longer be an option.

See the letter Tahoe Donner’s board of directors submitted to the Truckee Town Council members on behalf of Tahoe Donner membership.

Currently residents in Truckee can put out up to four green plastic bags a week for disposal; green bags are for pine cones, pine needles, lawn trimmings, and other vegetative waste. A typical green bag costs $1.25 each with residents on average putting out between 13-50 bags on an annual basis, for a total cost to the consumer of $16.25-$62.50.

Yard waste collection costs are currently part of the basic solid waste refuse collection fee which is included on the property tax bill. The new program would run April 1 to November 30 each year with every other week collection, and is intended for ongoing yard maintenance. For larger yard clean-ups the reduced cost dumpsters and free drop-off at Eastern Regional Landfill will continue to be offered. While all green bags collected by TTSD are recycled, the end of life recycling process still has an impact on our environment. The proposal to move to 96-gallon carts is an effort to move away from plastic and to allow Truckee residents the option to recycle even more yard waste as residents will no longer be limited to 40 pounds per bag and will have the option to recycle larger items, such as tree branches. The carts will also be easier for workers to handle since they will no longer have to manually lift each bag; rather, a garbage truck’s automated arm will do the heavy lifting.

Your opinion matters and all residents are encouraged to take the Town of Truckee’s green waste survey to express their opinions before a final decision is made.

As a Tahoe Donner homeowner, please consider the following when taking the survey:
• Are you a full time resident, or second homeowner? Consider the practicality of the proposed every-other-week collection on Tuesdays.
• Assess the length and slope of your driveway to roll the carts to the street and back to the house on collection day.
• Consider your ability to store a cart within an enclosed storage area such as a garage or storage shed per Tahoe Donner C&R’s (IV Private Property Rules: Storage, p. 7).

Take the survey. You may also visit for more information and frequently asked questions.

On Thursday, March 26, there will be a presentation at the Town Council meeting but without a request for direction.


February 23, 2015

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Snowmaking at Tahoe Donner

Important Update:

Board Approves Budget to Proceed with Snowmaking Project

On Friday, March 27, the board of directors approved a budget for 2015 of $750,000 to proceed with the snowmaking project, with additional funds allocated in 2016. The recommendation, based on the information staff has at this time, is to move forward with project infrastructure, including a cooling tower for 2015, and eventually install 7 Silent Polecat (or equivalent) guns. A cooling tower lowers the temperature of the water before it reaches the snow guns, making for a more efficient system and ultimately translating to fewer operating hours to enough snow to open Snowbird lift and the learning areas. See more about the snowmaking project, including data, reports, links, videos, and more.

Finance Committee Endorses Snowmaking

The Finance Committee met to discuss snowmaking at Tahoe Donner Downhill on March 12. After a thorough discussion that included a cost-benefit analysis, the Finance Committee voted unanimously, 6-0, to affirmatively endorse and recommend that the board of directors approve the snowmaking project at their March 27 meeting, so that we can have this capability in place as insurance for the 2015-16 ski season. Read the meeting overview.

Snowmaking Project Analyzed

As you are aware, Tahoe Donner Downhill Ski Area services have been severely limited by a lack of natural snowfall for the last few years. For most ski areas in the North Tahoe/Truckee area, the answer to this is to make artificial snow. As a result of recent winter weather trends, Tahoe Donner Association has evaluated the feasibility of this solution for the beginner area of the Downhill Ski Area. Known as “the best place to begin,” we give four times as many lessons per visit than the average ski area in the U.S. and Tahoe Donner’s beginner terrain is considered the best location for this improvement project.

Over the past few seasons, the General Plan Committee and Downhill Ski Area subgroup have analyzed the financial and service impacts of poor snow conditions on our members, guests and the public. After a detailed investigation of the availability of power and water, the cost of installation and operation, and the sound level of the equipment, the subgroup presented a report to the boards of directors for both Tahoe Donner Association and Tahoe Donner Ski Bowl Condominium Association. With continued support, the TDA board has recently asked staff to move forward with the concept of installing snowmaking on the Snowbird Run area.

The detailed investigation uncovered several important facts, including:

  • In the past, snowmaking machines have been louder and less efficient than today’s models. Modern machines are much quieter and more efficient while producing a constant frequency fan noise – similar to a normal conversation, and less than a grooming machine.
  • Utility and operational costs of snowmaking are minor compared to revenues generated when the ski area is operating.
  • Studies show sufficient water supply and ample reserves for these snowmaking activities. For more information on water availability, contact the Truckee Donner Public Utility District.
  • The benefit of providing continuity in the ski area operation is important to the service expectations of our membership and financial well-being of the association.

Sound Demonstration and Town Hall Meeting

To illustrate the sound levels heard from snowmaking equipment, Tahoe Donner Downhill Ski Area held a snowmaking sound demonstration on Feb. 14-15. Tahoe Donner staff also presented the entire snowmaking report at a Town Hall Meeting on February 20. Information presented at this meeting is listed below.

Member input is encouraged. Please email the General Plan Committee at

Useful Links and Additional Information

February 9, 2015

Tahoe Donner Recognizes Outstanding Employees

Tahoe Donner has a wonderful team and has awarded the following outstanding team members for 2014:

Brian Yohn: Reserves Project Manager – Most Valuable Player (MVP)brian-(3)

Sheryl Walker: Architectural Standards Office Manager – Manager of the YearSheryl3

Jeff Jack: Banquet/Event Manager, The Lodge Restaurant & Pub – Best Customer Service

Matt Belote: Senior Support Analyst, Information Technology Dept. – Team Member of the Year

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December 17, 2014

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Mountain Bounty Organic Produce Program

Would you like to receive a weekly delivery of fresh, seasonal produce, locally grown and straight from the farm?

The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program is steadily picking up momentum with more participants joining the program each week! The CSA winter program currently runs for 24 weeks for veggies (deliveries through May 14, 2015) and 17 weeks for fruit (deliveries through March 25, 2015). Box varieties are delivered to the Trout Creek Recreation Center and will be available for pickup anytime between 2-10 p.m. on Thursdays, starting Nov. 20 (one week before Thanksgiving).

By participating in a CSA Program you have a direct relationship with the local Mountain Bounty Farm which delivers fresh produce on a weekly basis straight from the farm. See Mountain Bounty Farm for more details.

Interested? It’s not too late to join. Sign up here or contact Dana with Member Services at 530-582-9656 or via email at

October 5, 2014

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Bikeworks is Open with Brand New Fat Bikes

Take a fat bike for a spin!

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Summer Concert on the Green

Tickets on sale now!

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Golf Course Cleanup Days

Volunteers needed: Help us get the Tahoe Donner Golf Course ready for opening day.

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The Lodge Restaurant & Pub Temporarily Closed; Pizza on the Hill Open Daily

The Lodge Restaurant & Pub is Closed Until May 3Between April 20 and May 3, The Lodge...

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