Capital Projects Process Stage 1: Capital Project List Development

The Northwoods Amenity Task Force is developing an amenity master plan for the Northwoods Clubhouse, Tennis Center and Recreation. This includes the clubhouse interior, administration areas, gathering area, Pizza on the Hill restaurant, surrounding areas including walkways and terrace, tennis complex, pool, recreation hut, playground, bocce ball courts, volleyball court, archery, and parking area. Staff recommends making accessibility improvements in the interim to meet CASp requirements.

The Amenity Master Plan will combine all concepts and member input for consideration and implementation as budgets allow.

  • Background

    The Northwoods Clubhouse was the first amenity built when the Dart Corporation began development in the early 1970’s. It functions as the headquarters of TDA administration and recreation activities, and includes a pool, playground, indoor movie screen, Pizza on the Hill restaurant, bocce ball courts, horseshoes, archery, volleyball, and tennis courts. The Northwoods Pool is open during approximately mid-June through Labor Day. In 2012, the Bocce ball courts were remodeled and an additional court was added to accommodate the game’s growing popularity. The Clubhouse has an outdoor patio behind the Clubhouse which can accommodate up to 150 guests.

    The Northwoods Clubhouse supports a wide variety of social clubs and activities for all ages, including indoor spaces that allow the community to gather. However, the wide diversity and popularity of uses at this location (the Clubhouse, recreation pool, children’s playground, social sport infrastructure, tennis courts, and administration headquarters) cumulatively create a lack of parking, especially during peak times. The parking lot accommodates approximately 110 cars which is often not sufficient to serve all the activities that this amenity includes.

    The Tahoe Donner Tennis Center is a seasonal amenity for members and has 11 hard courts, two pickleball courts, one youth court, and two practice walls. The Tennis Center is open from May through October, and has consistently high utilization throughout the summer.

    In 2012, the underutilized lawn and backboard area at the Tennis Center were removed and replaced with a Quickstart court. Quickstart courts are modified courts and equipment scaled for younger children (generally 10 and under). The addition of these courts allowed for the implementation of a United States Tennis Association (USTA) youth learning program. The Tennis Center also received a safety and aesthetic update in 2013; the upper walkway was graded, resurfaced, and new stone benches and a formal staircase now line the entrance to the facility.

    Annually, several USTA tournaments are held at the tennis center, including two National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) events, two junior events, and one senior event. 2016 was the eighth annual NTRP Gold Cup tournament and the seventh Tournament of the Year at Tahoe Donner. The Tennis Club is one of the more popular clubs at Tahoe Donner, which “seeks to promote tennis involvement in the Tahoe Donner community.” The Tahoe Donner Tennis Center supports the Tennis Club, an athletic and social club that promotes the sport within the community, as well as hosting burger bashes, pro exhibitions, and the club doubles championship.

  • Current Status

    The NWCH/TC Task Force will reach out to members for their input about the amenity. The Task Force will also coordinate with the ADA Task Force to identify and plan for ADA and code compliance improvements.

    The Task Force is recruiting new member volunteers; to apply, email

  • Next Steps

    Regular meetings will be scheduled and work will begin when task force member volunteers have been recruited.

  • Meetings + Members

    Meeting dates/times: TBD


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