Capital Projects Process Stage 1: Capital Project List Development

The 2013 Tahoe Donner Trails Master Plan recommended that the plan be updated every five years. The General Plan Committee (GPC) has asked the Trails and Open Space Task Force to update this plan in light of new developments, changing needs, and evolving trail usage.

  • Background

    Tahoe Donner’s 2013 Trails Master plan was the culmination of a year and a half process to gather member knowledge and opinion, and then draft, validate, and approve a final master plan with the help of professional consultants. Through workshops, meetings, and other communication mediums, Tahoe Donner members provided vital guidance and feedback throughout this process. The eagerness with which members shared their insight and opinions was testament to the value they placed on Tahoe Donner’s trail system.

    In the five years since the 2013 Trails Master Plan’s adoption, we have much to celebrate:

    • As the master plan recommended, we have now established high, sustainable standards for trail design, development, and management.
    • We have created a new Trails Department headed by an expert Trails Manager, which was also recommended in the master plan.
    • Guided by the master plan’s priorities, we have permitted and begun work on a 5-year Trail Implementation Plan that balances our need to maintain existing trails with our desire to expand our trail system with new trails.

    Over those same five years, we have seen a number of changes, both inside and outside Tahoe Donner:

    • We have expanded our open space by more than 1000 acres with the purchase of the Bucknam Tract, McGlashan Springs, Crabtree Canyon, and additional Euer Valley properties.
    • The Truckee Donner Land Trust has either purchased or entered into contract to purchase thousands of acres adjacent or proximate to Tahoe Donner. These properties, which include Lower Carpenter Valley, Carpenter Ridge, Red Mountain, and Frog Lake, will eventually be opened for recreational use.
    • The Town of Truckee updated their Trails and Bikeways Master Plan in 2015.
    • Trail usage patterns and preferences among Tahoe Donner members continue to evolve.
    • New developments, like eBikes, have emerged.
    • More than ¼ of all Tahoe Donner properties have changed hands, based on an average of 300+ sales/transfers per year, according to Tahoe Donner staff.

    The 2013 Trails Master Plan recommended that the plan be updated every five years. Particularly in light of these changes and developments, that update is certainly warranted.

  • Current Status

    Led by the General Plan Committee’s (GPC) Trails and Open Space Task Force, the first step in this update process is to engage the membership in a broad discussion about the Association’s trail system. We will talk about our big picture topics like our long-term vision for our trail system, and we will also consider specific topics like directional trails and dogs on trails.

    To begin this discussion, the task force is organizing a member workshop to solicit ideas, identify problems, and hear opinions about the overall vision for Tahoe Donner's trails system. Here are all the details:

    Trails Master Plan Update Member Workshop
    When: Thursday, August 9, 2018 | 5:00 – 6:30 PM
    Where: Alder Creek Adventure Center

  • Next Steps

    The knowledge and opinions gathered directly from members will be used to inform the Trails Master Plan update, and build toward consensus recommendations that the task force can bring to the GPC and the Board of Directors for approval.

  • Meetings + Members

    Meeting schedule will be added.


    • Annie Rosenfeld (Task Force Chair, TD Director of Risk Management and Real Property)
    • Forrest Huisman (TD Director of Capital Projects)
    • Christina Thayer (TD Trails Manager)
    • Brian Yohn (TD Assistant Director of Risk Management and Real Property)
    • Michael Sullivan (GPC Chair)
    • Nan Meek (GPC Co-Chair)
    • Steve Miller (GPC)
    • VJ Bonnard
    • Richard Bothwell
    • Gayle Dana
    • Kathy Englar
    • Brenda Gilbert
    • Jennifer Jennings (TD BOD)
    • Guy Joaquin
    • Benjamin Levine
    • Helen Pelster
    • Bill Phelps
    • Lynette Powell
    • Livia Quan
    • Charlene Simmons
    • Susan Terrell
    • Julie Thornton
    • Janet Zipkin
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