These Maintenance Projects are used by property owners and their contractors to obtain Architectural Standards Committee approval prior to making minor changes in the exterior appearance of a residence or property.

The Maintenance Projects are as follows:

  • Paint/stain changes
  • Front door/Garage door paint/stain changes
  • Roof/gutter changes
  • Exterior lights updates
  • Door changes: garage, front/back/side (without reframing)
  • Window changes (without reframing)
  • Animal Resistant Garbage Can Enclosures (not custom built) – click here for more information
  • Hot tubs placed on/under existing structures
  • A/C placed on/under existing structures

These Maintenance Projects do not involve increasing the square footage of a residence or increasing coverage that would then require an updated site or major design changes that would then require updated elevation plans. Most of the Maintenance Projects may be processed and approved by ASO staff however depending on the scope of the project or materials proposed may require the approval of one member of the Architectural Standards Committee the following Wednesday.

Some minor Maintenance Projects may be completed without a building permit from the Town of Truckee while others such window change outs, a new roof, or hot tub installation may require a Town of Truckee building permit. Contact the Town of Truckee Building Department 530-582-7820 for further information regarding building permit requirements.

In most cases before photos along with a cut-sheet of the proposed material/fixture to be installed are required with the submittal of the project application. Upon review and approval, a 12-month permit will be issued. For completion of the Maintenance Project, completion photos (all aspects/sides for paint and roof) are required to be submitted via to illustrate the work has been completed.​

To submit your application online through OneStop please click here.

While the goal is to have all members and their representatives submit permits online via One Stop, ASO staff will assist members and their representatives applying for your Maintenance Project in person at the Architectural Standards Office.