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Wildlife Best Practices

Management urges all members and guests to respect our wildlife neighbors including bears, mountain lions, bobcats, deer, etc. and protect them as well as your homes and yourself by limiting interaction with them and not unknowingly or knowingly inviting them into your home, garage or decks.  Follow a few key best practices to reducing conflict with the wildlife here in Tahoe Donner:

  1. Keep all garbage, food and other items like laundry detergent, lotions, etc. locked in enclosed containers
  2. Clean out food and food wrappers from cars and secure vehicle and close windows
  3. Secure house at all times and do not leave your garage door open with trash and/or other items available for animals
  4. Keep barbecue grills clean;
  5. Keep bird feeders off decks and inaccessible to bears

For more bear and wildlife awareness information you can visit, Town of Truckee’s Bear Awareness site and Tahoe Wild Bear Council’s site

July 3, 2013

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Be Bear Aware

Bear Awareness

Spring is here, which means bears have risen from their deep winter slumber and are out on the prowl in search for food. Be prepared and bear aware. Take precautions to protect your home from bear intrusions by following a few important tips:

  • Never put trash and recycling out at the curb prior to collection day.
  • If the property uses a shared dumpster for trash and recycling, or if the property is commercial, make sure to close, latch and lock the dumpster lid. Never leave dumpster lids open and unsecured.
  • Periodically disinfect trash containers to remove odors.
  • Always remove the key from a bear enclosure after making sure the enclosure is properly secured.
  • Keep barbecue grills clean.
  • Do not store pet food outside.
  • Bears are very attracted to bird-feeders. Hang feeders at least 10 feet from the ground and four feet from anything an animal can climb.
  • Raccoons, skunks, bears, and other animals may look for denning places under your house. To prevent this, close off crawl spaces beneath decks and screen culverts.
  • Keep doors and windows locked when you are away from the property.
  • Do not store any food items or discarded food containers in vehicles. Bears can climb in and will cause damage, and may come back looking for more.

The “Bear” Facts

The current Tahoe Donner Association rules regarding garbage can enclosures are listed below:

  • Trash may be put out overnight only if placed in an Architectural Standards Committee (ASC) approved animal-resistant Garbage Can Enclosure (GCE).
  • All new home construction requires installation of an ASC approved animal-resistant GCE.
  • When an old wooden GCE is destroyed, it is required that it be replaced with an ASC-approved animal resistant GCE. A property owner may also request an exemption from the animal resistant GCE requirement, but the old wooden GCE (including all posts, concrete piers, etc.) must be removed entirely.
  • Any property owner can request an exemption to the animal resistant GCE requirement as long as that property does not contribute to the trash problem. To receive an exemption, a property owner must commit to manage trash in a manner that avoids contact with animals and acknowledge that the exemption will be revoked for failure to uphold this commitment.

Contact the Architectural Standards Office for more information or questions regarding the Tahoe Donner Tahoe Donner Association rules regarding Garbage Can Enclosures.

Architectural Standards Office
Phone: 530-587-9406

May 6, 2013

Tahoe Donner Homeowner Property Inspection Program


View the FAQ sheet for the homeowner inspection program.

Tahoe Donner Association (TDA) was established in 1971 with the construction of private homes and multiple family units beginning in the spring of that year. Forty-two years later, TDA consists of 5,791 single family homes, 114 multiple family units, 567 undeveloped lots and 7,000 acres of land. As the association ages, maintaining the high quality of our community includes communicating and working with homeowners to address appearance issues.

Currently the Architectural Standards Office (ASO) performs compliance activities through positive engagement patrols. The compliance inspector covers all 68 miles of road in Tahoe Donner on a monthly basis and identifies, on average, 75 percent of all new compliance-related violations. The other 25 percent of compliance-related violations are generated by neighbor complaints. While staff does look for obvious violations when conducting street inspections, management has not had a systematic initiative to gain access to homeowner property for inspections as allowed by the Homeowner Defensible Space Program. Recognizing the fact that the association facilities and homeowner properties are aging, goals and objectives were identified in the Strategic Plan 2010-2015 to begin addressing both.

As a part of Strategic Plan Goal 4, work began this last year in developing a proposal to bring to the board of directors which would call for inspections of existing homeowner properties over a regular schedule as well as inspections of homeowner properties as they change hands in ownership or in the family. The board of directors discussed the plan at board meetings from July 2012 through September 2012; membership comments and feedback were considered during this period. At the September 2012 board meeting the board of directors approved moving forward with the program. The focus will be on providing education to homeowners on the association’s program while identifying properties whose exteriors may be in need of improvement to keep with association standards. Emphasis will be placed on compliance, not on punitive measures.

STRATEGIC GOAL PLAN 4: Establish an engaging approach to maintaining association community, architectural, convents, and communications standards.

Homeowner Property Inspection Program

Preserve the appearance of Tahoe Donner homes so as to maintain home values in an aging community.

Inspection Details
There are two parts to the program:

Part 1: The program will be implemented on a unit-by-unit basis beginning with Unit 7. Approximately 250 homes in that unit are scheduled for exterior inspections of the view from the street. This is not new to existing operations, rather a codification of existing practices and a systematic approach to view the entire association beyond member complaints.

Part 2:  A full 360-degree exterior inspection will occur after a property transfer. This part of the initiative is new and allows the association to address any exterior compliance issues at rate of 250-500 homes per year.

Inspections will focus on the following elements:

1. Does structure have any damage?
a. Is structure in need of staining or painting?

2. Quality of roof
a. Any maintenance needed; missing shingles?
b. Does metal roof need repainting?
c. Chimney cap or flashing need maintenance?

3. Garbage Can Enclosure (GCE) or Animal Resistant Garbage Can Enclosure (ARGCE)
a. Is there an ARGCE or a wooden enclosure?
b. Maintenance issues?
c. Does structure need painting or staining?

4. Is exterior lighting compliant?
a. Are any fixtures broken or in disrepair?
b. Are flood lamps aimed downward?

5. Are all visible deck or stair brackets painted?

6. Check for any illegal structures (additions, fencing, sheds, etc).

7. Does gas meter have adequate protection from potential snow load?  If meter already has a shed for protection, is it painted to blend in with the house?

Implementation and Inspections:
Homeowners will receive a 10-day notice that their property has been scheduled for an exterior inspection. The Tahoe Donner compliance inspector will conduct inspections beginning in February 2013. Notification of inspection results will be mailed via certified mail (return receipt requested). If your home passes the initial inspection, you will be notified by postcard and no further action will be required. If your initial inspection indicates that action is needed, we will work with you to define a reasonable timeline for compliance.

Program Compliance
Enforcement of the program will be supported by existing Architectural Standards and Covenants Rules and Regulations.

Program Administration
Program administration will be assigned to the ASO along with the Architectural Standards and Covenants Committees, and is scheduled for launch in February of 2013.

Call the ASO office at (530) 587-9406 or email Tahoe Donner’s compliance inspector, Roy Richner, at with questions or to obtain more information.

A copy of Tahoe Donner’s Covenants Rules and Regulations can be downloaded online.

February 26, 2013

Stored Value

Does the term Stored Value mean anything to you while you’re at Tahoe Donner? Did you know you can put money on your Tahoe Donner Membership ID cards? It is called Stored Value. You no longer have to carry money or your credit card with you when you visit Tahoe Donner’s amenities. It’s very easy to put value (money) on your card. You can come into the Member Services office with your credit card and Tahoe Donner staff can put the money on your card for you. Or you can call them at 530-587-9400 ext. 0.

To redeem your stored value, simply tell the Tahoe Donner staff that you have Stored Value on your Tahoe Donner Member or Guest ID card. Your receipt will display the balance left on the ID card.

Remember to always take your Tahoe Donner Member or Guest ID card with you to use stored value at the amenities. This program was introduced a few years ago and has received rave reviews and participation. So, don’t worry about carrying your wallet, stored value and your membership ID or Guest card is all you need this summer at your personal resort.

July 9, 2012

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