Tahoe Donner Dog Rule Clarification

Association News

Tahoe Donner provides clarification on its ‘Animal Control—aka Dogs on Leash’ rule. Member input and feedback is welcome.

Several months ago, after receiving comments that the Animal Control Rule was confusing, the Tahoe Donner Board of Directors obtained a legal opinion on the existing Animal Control rules written in the Covenants and Restrictions (C&Rs), and in the Covenants Rules. Legal opinion stated that the language in the C&Rs and Covenants Rules do articulate that while on Tahoe Donner Association Common Area, dogs must be on leash and under supervision and restraint; not an either-or situation.

By definition, Common Area “means all real property owned by the Association…and any Common Facilities.” These properties include the green space parcels behind and between houses/streets, and common facilities. Other Association Owned Property includes the 2,000 acres deeded to the Association by Dart Industries, Euer Valley, Crabtree Canyon, McGlashan Springs and Bucknam/Sinclair – all open space.

The Board asked the Covenants Committee to recommend a revision to the Animal Control rule to help clarify as supported by legal opinion. In tandem with this work, and per direction of the Board at the July 29, 2017 board of directors meeting, staff have improved communication and education of this rule along with many other covenants rules.

Given the passion of the community surrounding dogs on and off leash, management, the Covenants Committee and the Board believe there should be ample member outreach in the future before any further recommendation to change the rule and C&Rs language.

For now, management is acting on the Boards’ comments on this subject. This includes increased communication and education to members on Covenants Rules and enforcement, written education pieces and staff communication at Tahoe Donner facilities.

Covenants Rule:

Animal Control. No animal or pet may be tethered or tied to a stationary object on any Common Area, or other Association owned property. Dogs shall only be allowed within any portion of the Common Area when they are leashed and otherwise under the supervision and restraint of their owners or other person accompanying the dog.

Member Input

The Board and management welcomes input, solutions, and participation in efforts to review the current rule and possible amendment in the future. Additionally, this includes the review and comment of the draft C&Rs rewrite documents when a final draft is created over the next few months.

For any additional questions, please feel free to contact Annie Rosenfeld, Director of Risk Management and Real Property at arosenfeld@tahoedonner.com or 530-582-9630.