Do the children ski all day? Do they have playtime?
Yes, the children ski or snowboard throughout their lesson. Our programs are physically demanding but we do have classes take breaks when needed.

What if my child doesn’t want to ski anymore after the lesson starts?
We try to encourage the child to ski. If they truly do not want to participate, we may then call the parent for encouragement or to be picked up.

Can my 3-year-old take a nap in the afternoon?
Tahoe Donner Ski School does not offer day care, so we do not nap. We offer four lessons for 3-year-olds throughout the day.

Can my 5-year-old be in my 12-year-old’s class? They are both beginners.
Cognitive and physical skills are different for each age group, and we find that learning takes place with the appropriate age groups. Please speak with a supervisor upon arrival if you have any questions.

Do you take the 3-year-olds on chairlifts?
Yes, when they can turn and stop. We review chairlift safety with all children.

Can I pick up my child for lunch and bring him or her back for the afternoon lesson?
It is not impossible, but we do try to discourage this due to time constraints and separation issues.

Can I have lunch with my child?
There is not enough room in our lunchroom for parents to eat with their children. A parent may come to check on the child but should not stay.

Can I pick up my child early from the lesson?
Yes, if it does not disrupt the class. Parent needs to have the claim check. The instructor may not have time to discuss child’s progress unless the parent comes back after the class is over.

What time should I pick up my child from group lesson? Where is pickup?
Snowflakes (ages 3-4) Mornings: 10:30AM & 12:15PM
Snowflakes (ages 3-4)  Afternoons: 2:15PM & 4:00PM

Ages 5-12 Morning: 12:00PM
Ages 5-12 Full Day & Afternoon: 3:45PM

Students in Snowflakes (ages 3-6) lessons get picked up at the Snowflakes Learning Center. All other students in lessons get picked up at the Learning Center.

Can I keep my child’s equipment after the lesson?
The equipment is good for the full day. Equipment needs to be returned by 4:15PM. If child is taking multiple lessons with us, they may check their skis overnight.

I am going into town or possibly Reno, is that ok?
Parents or guardians of children under the age of 6 are required to remain at Tahoe Donner. Parents or guardians should not leave the Truckee area in harsh weather and/or bad road conditions.

What is the latest time I can arrive in the morning?
The latest time to arrive with a reservation is 1 hour prior to your lesson start time on non-holidays and non-weekends. During holidays and weekends, arrive at least 2 hours within your reservation. Without a reservation, guests should arrive at Ticket Office around 8AM. We highly recommend making an advanced reservation to ensure your child a spot in one of our lessons.