The Trails Department staff is excited to launch an Ambassador Program from July through October 2021. This program takes off in part from initial stewardship efforts first established with the Friends of the TD Trails Club, whose purpose over the past 10+ years is to support the Trails Department through volunteer trail-building days. Over time, activities have grown to include non-trail-building activities including environmental stewardship education, partnerships with the Truckee River Watershed Council for Weed Walks and other natural resource-awareness events.

The new Ambassador Program is designed to include volunteer efforts from all major trail-user groups that will assist the Trails Department with its education and communication campaign throughout the Adaptive Management Pilot Program. Ambassadors will support the Tahoe Donner Trails Master Plan mission to sustain a “happy trails” culture focused on responsible recreational use and trail etiquette. Each ambassador will sign up for two-hour shifts through the calendar found here. No experience is necessary; volunteers must be motivated to make an impact in their environment and work with trail visitors of all types.

Pilot Program trails include the following:

  • Designated Equestrian/Hiker Only: Rawhide, Wild West, Everest and Drifter Wall
  • Designated Hiker Only: South side of Nature Loop
  • Designated Hiker/Biker Only: Lower True Grit and Cinnamon Twist
  • Designated Directional: Upper + Lower Mother Lode (downhill only)


The Ambassador Program aims to re-establish a culture of stewardship in trails and open space with both short-term and long-term planning. Ambassadors will help to engage the community in communication to measure the acceptance of any proposed rule or policy change as well as bring awareness to proper trail etiquette throughout the trail system. Ambassador tools used to assist the membership include:

  • Signage and survey QR code at booth and Pilot Program-designated trails
  • Pilot program map available at the booth – identifies designated-use trails
  • Talking points available – prior and during Ambassador shifts
  • Staff contact information made available for further input

To learn more about the Pilot Program, click here. To learn more about trail etiquette, click here.


With the help of Ambassadors, the Trails Department is aiming to:

  • Utilize members to communicate TD’s message of inclusivity, shared multi-use trails, responsibilities and proper trail etiquette
  • Gather feedback and data related to the 2021 Pilot Program implementation from visitors, members and the community
  • Provide interested members the opportunity to help the Trails Department in the development of our Stewardship Programs
  • Use extensive member outreach and trail education to further inform decision making on any rule, policy and management changes
  • Offer a central point of information through the utilization of a booth at Alder Creek Adventure Center as well as on-trail Ambassadors that will spread the message of TD’s Pilot Program, trail etiquette and stewardship


Ambassadors assisting in testing the Pilot Program and improving trail etiquette will improve understanding of member perspectives and ideas for solutions, test ways to enhance user experience, improve safety, boost trail flow and create recreational options for more members. Improved membership value aims to:

  • Explore different ways to address issues members have expressed during the initial outreach
  • Improve understanding of member perspective and ideas for solutions
  • Concepts introduced begin to test ways to enhance user experience
  • Offer opportunity for member engagement in Tahoe Donner programs
  • Improve safety and trail flow
  • Increase awareness of how to be a responsible outdoor recreationist

Join us as a 2021 Trail Ambassador and help unite all trail users under our shared love of the trails!

To learn more about the Ambassador Program and get involved, click the sign-up button above or email trailsfeedback@tahoedonner.com.

To learn more about the Adaptive Management Pilot Program, click here.