Capital Projects Process

The General Plan Committee (GPC) uses the board-approved Capital Projects Process (CPP) to evaluate, track and document Tahoe Donner’s Capital Projects. The CPP is a stage-gate process in which projects go through stages of activity, and at the conclusion of each stage, the board reviews the project’s progress before opening the gate to fund the next stage.

Throughout the CPP, a task force of member volunteers works with Tahoe Donner staff on each project to analyze, evaluate and make recommendations to the board of directors that minimize risk to the association and its members, and ensure that members’ contributions from their Annual Assessment to the Development Fund and the Reserve Replacement Fund are wisely invested in Tahoe Donner’s capital projects.

Stages of the Capital Projects Process

Supporting Documents

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To serve on a committee, a member must be in good standing. If you are interested in serving on a committee, send a letter of interest to the Executive Assistant.