Tahoe Donner operates an 18-hole, 7,002-yard par-72 championship golf course on 200 acres adjacent The Lodge and the nearby driving range. The golf course includes fairways situated within the greenbelts between residential neighborhoods and along the upper reaches of Trout Creek.

The course is open to the public and operates from late May through October depending on weather and snow conditions. During the winter, Tahoe Donner holds a Winter Golf Academy, a “virtual” golf experience where players can practice the sport in the off-season. Participants are able to virtually play on 27 of the world’s finest golf courses, receive club fittings, and hone their skills.

  • Background

    The Tahoe Donner Golf Course has long been known as one of the premiere golf courses in the High Sierra and is an important amenity for Tahoe Donner homeowners, supporting higher property values compared to residential communities without a golf course.

    With the development of numerous golf courses within residential communities in the Truckee area, many of which offer limited or full public access, the Tahoe Donner golf course has fallen behind these other area courses in terms of comparability and playability. The last major improvements to the course were completed in the 2004-2006 time period, when substantial changes to fairways, tee boxes, and sand traps improved course playability and public perception.

  • Current Status

    To maintain the value of the Tahoe Donner Golf Course to homeowners and property values, the subcommittee believes it is imperative that Tahoe Donner continue its high standards for course operation and maintenance, that the course be periodically updated to counteract natural aging of the course and to reflect modern design standards, and that consideration be given to fund major capital improvements to the course to accomplish this goal. Suggestions are detailed below.

    The golf course is currently operating under a 2001 Master Plan authored by the course designer. To initiate a Master Plan update in 2019, the General Plan Committee and the Golf Course Subcommittee are evaluating potential golf course improvements that willprovide support for enhanced playability, enriched golfer experience, increase pace of play and increase player usage through refinements to the course design and layout.

    To support this effort, the Board of Directors approved a wetlands feasibility study and initial site consultations which wascompleted in late 2018.

    The current status of actions for this effort is the development of a Decision Paper for the Board that will allow the course designer to conduct field surveys and update the Master Plan to include a list of all potential improvements from 2001 to 2019.This activity will provide the necessary detailed drawings and specifications required for an accurate project cost estimate, construction schedule, agency approvals and preparation of the Master Plan update.

  • Master Plan

    Work is underway to update the 2001 Master Plan for 2019.

  • Documents
  • Meetings + Members

    Meetings are currently scheduled on an as-needed basis while the subcommittee is awaiting the course designers updated Master Plan. Upon receipt of that document, meetings will commence more periodically as priorities and recommendations are developed.


    • John McGregor (Co-Chair)
    • Denise Rebar (Co-Chair)
    • Jim Beckmeyer
    • Pat Gemma
    • Brian Guany
    • Kevin Kuehne
    • Corey Leibow
    • Jim Stang
    • Keith Williams
    • Forrest Huisman (Director of Capital Projects)
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