Do I have to be a full-time Tahoe Donner resident to vote in the Election?

No. Individuals owning property in Tahoe Donner are entitled to one vote per parcel owned, e.g., a single-family residence or an unimproved lot.

Do I have to be a registered voter in the Town of Truckee to vote in the TD election?

No. Your primary residence for general voter registration does not have to be your Tahoe Donner address in order to vote in the Association election.

What address is used for mailing ballots?

Ballots are mailed to the address you have on file with the Accounting Office. This is the same address used for mailing Annual Assessment notices. You can update your mailing address on the member portal by May 8.

How do I update my address?

Contact Member Services at (530) 587-9400 ext. 0. or the Accounting Office if your permanent mailing address has changed, or visit by May 8.

When should I expect my ballot to arrive?

Ballots are mandated to be mailed at least 30 days in advance of the Annual Membership Meeting which occurs this year on June 30.   Election packets will be mailed this year by May 28.  Election updates, including notice of the ballots being mailed, are published in the weekly e-mail blasts as well as in the monthly Tahoe Donner News magazines. The best way to stay informed of all-important dates related to the election is to subscribe to the weekly e-mail blast which is sent every Tuesday. If you are not currently subscribed, contact Member Services, Telephone Number (530) 587-9400 extension 0, or sign up online at:

How do I return my ballot?

Mail: The easiest way to return your ballot is to use the pre-paid return mail envelope included in the voting packet. It is addressed to the accounting firm Tahoe Donner uses to tabulate the votes. There are strict requirements related to enclosing the actual ballot in a ballot envelope which is then placed in the return envelope. The outside of the envelope must be signed by the property owner in order to count. Ballots mailed to the accounting firm must be received by June 28 at 5 PM.

In-person: Ballots can also be returned in person to the Inspector of Election at the open board meeting that takes place on Friday, June 28, between 9AM-5PM. The final chance to submit a ballot in person is from 10AM-11:30AM during the annual meeting on June 30.

I lost my ballot or did not receive one. What do I do?

Contact the Administration Office at (530) 587-9431 Monday – Friday, 8AM-5PM, or contact the Elections Committee at Once name and property ownership are confirmed, a new ballot will be issued.

I own more than one property. As such, I have received more than one ballot. Can I return all the ballots in the same envelope to save postage costs?

No. To be counted, each individual ballot must be returned in the envelope that includes the unit and lot number pre-printed on the outside. If more than one ballot is returned in the envelope it is impossible to know if the voter is entitled to more than one ballot based on property ownership, or if the ballot was obtained in another way. If more than one ballot is received in an official envelope, only 1 ballot is counted.

How can I find out more information about the candidates?

There are a number of ways the Elections Committee facilitates getting information to the membership about each individual candidate.  They include:

  • A written candidate’s statement is solicited from each candidate as soon as they are deemed eligible to run for the board. These statements are posted online and included in the election materials sent to all members. Candidates are encouraged to include an e-mail address on the statement so members can contact them directly with questions or concerns.
  • An online event, the Director Election Forum, will be held June 4th via Zoom. It will be recorded for later viewing for those who could not view it live. The candidates will address topic areas submitted by members by May 22nd.

Why do I receive unsolicited campaign emails from candidates or their surrogates?

California Senate Bill 323 (SB 323) grants any member who makes a formal request for the membership contact list access to your email address and contact information for the purpose of communicating about the association. Any member may remove their contact information from this shareable list by going to

Please note: This is a static list, meaning information is current as of the date the individual requests the list. If you receive unwanted e-mails before you actively remove your contact information from the shareable list, click the Unsubscribe link in the e-mail to remove yourself from the sender’s distribution list.

Why doesn’t the Elections Committee monitor and correct statements made in social media or emails by or about the candidates? How can I submit a complaint?

As a general rule:

  • Members have certain fundamental free speech rights during an election and the right to express their views.
  • The Association, and the Elections Committee specifically, must remain fair and impartial in the election process.
  • It is not the Election Committee’s role to undertake an investigation as to the content of advocacy that occurs outside of Association channels.

If the Elections Committee receives complaints to the Elections Committee mailbox ( the substance of which the Committee believes represents a potential threat to persons or property, or is of such an extreme nature so as to adversely impact the fair and impartial election process, it will consult with the General Manager and the Board of Directors.

The Association has established Campaign Guidelines with the intention that the election process serves to positively build and sustain the Tahoe Donner community.  These guidelines address the areas of:

  • Campaign conduct
  • Electronic campaigning
  • Campaign practices
  • Campaign spending
  • Expectations of Tahoe Donner community leaders and advocates

All members are urged to review and follow these recommendations.



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