2018 Director Election Candidate’s Night from Tahoe Donner Association on Vimeo.

I. Opening Remarks, Bette Rohrback, Elections Committee Chair

Forum Procedures, Brent P. Collinson, Moderator, Inspector of Election

II. Candidate Opening Statements
Carol Hicks
Rob McCray
Don Koenes
Ed Melia

III. Candidate Question & Answer – Part I
Tahoe Donner Identity & Vision
1. Do you see Tahoe Donner as a resort community and how does this view influence your decision making?
2. What do you feel are the biggest issues that Tahoe Donner will face in the next 5 years and if elected how to do propose to address them?
3. What is your position on short-term rentals in Tahoe Donner?
4. What affect if any does climate change have on Tahoe Donner?

Fiscal Management
1. How do you balance resource allocation across the wide variety of amenity offerings?
2. What experience do you have considering diverse membership feedback, and how would that influence your policy decisions?
3. Should multi-million expenditures rest solely at the discretion of the Board, or should they be taken to the membership for input/vote?
4. What are your thoughts on the annual assessment?


V. Candidate Question & Answer – Part II
Tahoe Donner Amenities
How would you address historic holiday/peak period overcrowding at amenities?
What are your priorities when it comes to member enjoyment versus public revenue generation?
As a Board Director, how would you balance competing membership special interests relative to the community as a whole?

Tahoe Donner & Town of Truckee Relationship
How would you foster Tahoe Donner having a positive working relationship with the Town of Truckee?
Should Tahoe Donner have an active presence within the North Tahoe community?

Employee Recruitment & Retention
What is your position on offering competitive wages/benefits to retain employees?
What are your thoughts on affordable housing for employees?

VI. Audience Participation
Questions Asked:
1. For those of you who have Board experience, how large was the membership
2. What would you do to structurally reduce Tahoe Donner’s overhead costs?
3. If you have observed any of the board meetings do you feel they work together? And, if not what can you do to improve their relationship?
4. What experiences have you enjoyed most with your families here in Tahoe Donner?

VII. Candidate Closing Statements
Rob McCray
Don Koenes
Ed Melia
Carol Hicks

VIII. Closing Remarks, Bette Rohrback, Elections Committee Chair