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    Tahoe Donner Association 2018 Board Director Election Candidate Statement

    My name is Rob McCray and I am running for the board because Tahoe Donner is a special neighborhood. If elected I will devote myself to the protection and enhancement of the characteristics that make our community a unique refuge from the urban environment. I am a full-time resident of Tahoe Donner, with my wife Janet Robinson. We were off-hill owners in 1987 – 2005 (Sacramento) and 2002 – 2015 (San Diego).

    Since 1987, I have been a careful observer of association planning and governance activities. After moving here full time in 2016 I have become active in the Tahoe Donner Association including service as a member of the General Plan Committee and the Downhill and Demographics Task Forces. With the intent to retain my TD home and pass it along to my daughters, I have a strong interest in preserving the fundamental character of our community as an affordable single family residential community with extraordinary open space and quality recreational facilities for the enjoyment of owners and our guests.

    My professional career is described below in more detail, but it includes experience as a lawyer, CEO, investment banker and board member, primarily in health care. I currently serve on three nonprofit boards and one company board.

    The TDA Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for the successful execution of strategic thinking and good planning to support the TDA mission and vision. In order to identify and attend to the immediate and long-term priorities and needs of TDA it is imperative that we have a high-functioning Board working with an excellent management team.

    I have relevant experience, skills and a commitment to consensus building, to quality long-term planning and to service to the vision of the Tahoe Donner Association.

    I believe in the importance of transparent and defined processes for governance, and to soliciting the input of members through surveys and conversations.

    In the management of other people’s money, I believe that the highest level of fiscal accountability to members is the only acceptable standard.

    My experience is that to make the best long-term decisions about complex matters it is imperative to follow processes including open discussion, a willingness by all decision makers to consider alternative points of view, and a published description of the final decision including its key assumptions and supporting evidence.

    I want to hear from you. Please share your thoughts with me at

    The TDA community is at a critical time in its history. Some of the questions to be addressed by the Board of Directors include:

    1. What is the best long-term use of the limited capital available to TDA? Since there is not enough capital to support all projects how do we balance competing member interests?
    2. How much of our capital should be invested in facilities for the business purpose of serving the public in hopes of turning a profit? Should TDA be a “resort?”
    3. Where public use is permitted, how do we ensure that it will not detrimentally affect member use and enjoyment and real estate values?
    4. Both the Association and Town of Truckee are reviewing short term rental (STR) utilization and policy – what should TDA do and what should we want the Town to do (or NOT do)?
    5. Are we overlooking other long-term needs such as fire prevention, disaster recovery, emergency response and relationships with the Town of Truckee and our neighbors?

    My point of view is that Tahoe Donner is a relatively affordable residential community with attractive amenities located in a world class outdoor recreation setting for self-powered activities. I recognize and support the diversity of member interests. Some of our facilities are open to the public and that is acceptable if done in accordance with TDA governance documents. If TD becomes too much of a “resort,” increased commercialization of our amenities may increase the Association’s and members’ financial risk and harm the special character that drew many of us to buy here. My goal is to protect the special character and value of our community for the benefit of all TDA members.

    My professional career is described below. It includes experience as a lawyer, CEO, investment banker and board member. As an Attorney, I practiced environmental law for four years and then healthcare regulatory and transactional law for 15 years.

    I currently serve on three nonprofit boards and one company board:

    • Since 2002, Alliance Healthcare Foundation, a charitable health & wellness foundation.
    • Since 2005, the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA), an industry association.
    • Since 2009, Midmark, a medical products company.
    • Since 2017, HIMSS, an international healthcare association.

    Previously, I served as:

    • Managing Partner of Triple Tree, LLC, an investment bank.
    • Chairman, President and CEO of HealthCap, Inc., a physician practice management company.
    • President, COO and early investor in Digital On-Demand, Inc., a digital music company.
    • Managing Director of Caremark Physician Resources, a physician practice management company.
    • Co-founder and Chairman of OnCall Medicine, Inc., a medical house calls company.

    Previous appointments include:

    • Chairman of the Sacramento (County) Environmental Commission
    • Chairman of the Sacramento City Toxic Substances Commission
    • President of the Environmental Council of Sacramento
    • Board Member of the American Lung Association – Sacramento Emigrant Trails


    • Bachelor of Science Degree, University of California, San Diego
    • Juris Doctor Degree, University of California, Davis School of Law

    We the members of Tahoe Donner are a diverse group who broadly share an appreciation of the unique attributes of our community, including its open space, clean environment, peace and quiet, affordable amenities and friendly neighbors. These attributes are in marked contrast to most of California. As an off-hill owner for 20+ years it was always a thrill to arrive in TDA. Now that I have more time to devote to the community I plan to do my best to protect and enhance the unique characteristics of our community.

    Please join me to make Tahoe Donner even better.

    If selected I look forward to serving the Tahoe Donner community.

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