Tahoe Donner Association 2018 Board of Director Election Procedures: One Position Open

Tahoe Donner’s board of directors is the governing body of the association and ultimately responsible for the direction and oversight of the affairs of the organization. The board is made up of unpaid volunteers from a variety of backgrounds, and is elected by the membership to act as representatives for the property owners of Tahoe Donner.

At the January 27 board meeting, the following election procedures were approved. One position is open for the 2018 board of director election. If you have the skills and qualifications to become a member of our board, please consider running for an elected seat. Applications will be available beginning March 30.

January 27 The Board of Directors approves the 2018 Election Procedures, appoints the Inspector of Election, authorizes the engagement of an Accountancy Firm (subject to ratification by the Inspector of Election) for ballot counting services, and establishes April 30, 2018, as the Record Date for the Election.
March 30 Candidacy applications will be made available in the Member Services office at the Northwoods Clubhouse or electronically at electionscommittee@tahoedonner.com.
April 1


Along with their April Statement of Account, owners with outstanding amounts due to the Association, are sent notice of the pending suspension of their membership rights, to include voting rights, by Board action on April 28, 2018, to become effective as of April 30, 2018, unless full payment is received by April 30, 2018. Owners are also advised of their right to a hearing before the Board, regarding their suspension of membership rights. Such a request must be received by April 20, 2018 and the hearing would be held at the April 28, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting. Requests should be emailed to the Elections Committee at electionscommittee@tahoedonner.com.
April 28 The Board of Directors approves the pending suspension of membership rights for failure to pay outstanding amounts due to the Association (assessments, fines, etc.) or for failure to comply with a duly issued corrective-action requirement. Member hearings, if any, will be conducted at this time.
April 30 Close of Nominations is at 4PM on April 30, 2018. Proof of ownership (a copy of recorded deed), and a conflict of interest statement are required with the submittal of candidacy applications.

Hard copy Applications must be submitted by this deadline to the Member Services office at the Northwoods Clubhouse. Applications may also be submitted via email in PDF format to the Elections Committee at electionscommittee@tahoedonner.com.

May 1 The Elections Committee and staff meet to verify the eligibility of those candidates whose applications were received in a timely manner. Candidates who are deemed eligible, are advised by the Elections Committee, as to their qualifications to run.

Candidates are invited to submit a candidate’s statement (not to exceed two 8 ½ x 11″ pages), which will be mailed, as submitted, to the membership along with the Election Ballot. Candidate’s statements shall only be reviewed for compliance with the size limitation – no review of content shall be performed, and the Association shall not be liable for their content. If any statement received fails to comply with the size limitation, the author will be advised that such statement will not be accepted.

Candidates are also invited to attend the Candidate’s Information Forum on May 3, 2018, at the Northwoods Clubhouse.

Candidates are also advised of their opportunity to record an introductory 60 second video which will be posted on the TD Website.  Videos will be recorded by TD Staff by appointment and must completed by close of business May 8, 2018.

As provided by Article VII, Section 5 (d) of the Amendments to the Restated Bylaws, if one, but no more than one, eligible candidate has submitted his/her timely application for the one available seat, the Board of Directors declares that that candidate is elected and the Director Election concluded.

May 3 Candidate Informational Forum
Thursday, May 3, 2018, 2-4PM
Northwoods Clubhouse – Mezzanine RoomBallot order drawing will be conducted in the Tahoe Donner Association Executive Assistant’s Office at 1:45PM Candidates are invited to attend.Ballot order drawn at this time will determine placement of the Candidate names on the elections ballot, candidate statements in the Election Packet, all communications, as well as the order for asking questions at the Informational Forum on May 3, 2018 and Candidate’s Night on May 27, 2018.
May 8 Candidate’s statements must be received at the Member Services office no later than 4PM No electronically transmitted (facsimile, email, etc.) statements will be accepted, except for those transmitted via email in PDF format to the Elections Committee at electionscommittee@tahoedonner.com.

Candidate Introductory Video must be completed by close of business.

May 10 If any candidate wishes to remove his/her name from the election ballot, they are requested to do so by close of business May 10, 2018 in order to avoid member confusion during the voting process and to save the Association additional printing expenses.
May 19 Candidate’s Meet and Greet
Saturday, May 19, 2018, 6-8PM
The Lodge Restaurant & PubOnly candidates who have been formally certified as eligible to run for the Director Election will be permitted to campaign at this event. It is an informal opportunity for members to ‘put a face with a name’ and ask questions of the candidates.Copies of published candidate statements will be available in the event a candidate is unable to attend in person.
May 24 Election materials including Notice of Annual Membership Meeting, the ballot, candidates’ statements and instructions for mailing and return are mailed to all eligible members.
May 27 Candidate’s Night Forum
Sunday, May 27, 2018, 6-9PM
Northwoods Clubhouse – Mezzanine RoomThe Inspector of Election will moderate Candidate’s Night. Only candidates who have been formally certified as eligible to run for the Director Election will be permitted to appear on the dais or otherwise act as a candidate at this forum. If a candidate is unable to attend for any reason, his/her official published candidate statement will be read into the record by an Elections Committee member, providing the statement meets the time requirements set by the Moderator.
To view the recording, click here.
June 9 Candidate’s Meet and Greet
Saturday, June 9, 2018, 6-8PM
Northwoods Clubhouse – Gathering RoomSee Notes re: participation in this event under May 19th Meet and Greet.
June 22 Deadline for receipt of Director Election ballots mailed or personally delivered directly to the Accountancy Firm is 5PM.
June 22 Election Ballot Meeting & Regular Board Meeting
Friday, June 22, 2018, 9AM-5PM
Northwoods Clubhouse – Meadow Room / Mezzanine RoomThe Board of Directors convenes an Open Board Meeting for the Accountancy Firm to commence tabulation of ballots; ballots delivered in person will be accepted and replacement ballots available during this meeting until its adjournment at 5PM. Government ID is required to submit a ballot in person.
June 24 Annual Meeting of Members
Sunday, June 24, 2018, 10AM-12PM
Voting from 10-11:30AMThe Annual Membership meeting will be held from 10AM to 12PM. Personally delivered ballots are accepted at the Annual Membership meeting from 10AM to 11:30AM, at which time voting in the Director Election will conclude.Replacement ballots will be available until the conclusion of voting. Government ID is required to submit a ballot in person.Prior to the conclusion of the meeting, the results of the election will be announced unless less than 25% of the voting power of the association, the quorum requirement, has submitted valid ballots. In such case, the failure to achieve a quorum will be announced (but not the vote tally), and the meeting, along with the culmination of the election, will be adjourned to the following morning.
June 25 If there is a failure to achieve the 25% quorum requirement, the Annual Membership meeting is reconvened at 10AM at the Northwoods Clubhouse for the purpose of concluding the annual Election of Directors in accordance with a reduced 15% quorum requirement.

As soon as the election results are certified by the Inspector of Election, the results (including vote tally) are announced and posted at the Northwoods Clubhouse, distributed via member email blast and published in the Tahoe Donner News.


We encourage you to be part of the 2018 Tahoe Donner board of directors election and hope that you plan to become informed and vote. Being involved in your homeowners association election means you have a proactive role in who makes up your board of directors, and thus in the policy-making. Remember, your vote is your voice!