2019 Board of Directors Election: Candidate’s Night from Tahoe Donner Association on Vimeo.

Welcome and Opening Remarks, Bette Rohrback, Elections Committee Chair

Ground Rules, Brent P. Collinson, Moderator, Inspector of Elections

Candidate Opening Statements
Charles C. Wu
Michael Sullivan
Jim Roth
Nan Meek

Candidate Questions – Part I
1. Can you tell us your favorite or your funniest Tahoe Donner personal/family story?

Board Function
2. In the most recent election cycles, roughly 70% of Tahoe Donner’s membership has been relatively silent. How will you collect input from this silent majority, and then balance feedback from all the various constituencies, e.g., full-time residents, second home owners, retirees, young families, short-term rental landlords, as you consider board decisions?
3. Tahoe Donner’s governance depends on a network of volunteers, who are often chosen for their expertise, and who work with staff and commit many hours to committees, sub-committees, and task forces. In your view is this a good model? How deferential do you believe the board should be toward committee and task force recommendations?
4. What level of priority does cost containment take in your platform on the management of Tahoe Donner? And what are some of your ideas on cost containment?
5. Senior Staff are vetted and background-checked before being hired. Should board candidates, as potential leaders and stewards of the Association, also be vetted and background checked with the same criteria as hired staff? Why or why not?
6. Should climate change be formally incorporated into long-term business decisions?

7. Although the Board prioritizes keeping HOA fee increases to a minimum, in your view what is/are the primary driver(s) of increases in HOA fees? How can the Board deal with controlling the major drivers of the fee increases to keep HOA fees in check?
8. Some of our amenities are private for members and guests, including renters using guest cards. Other amenities, that have excess capacity, are open to the public, such as the ski hill, cross country skiing, snow play, and golf. Would you support an initiative to significantly reduce or eliminate public use at these particular amenities? Explain your position. What would your answer mean to Tahoe Donner financially, and to members’ pocketbooks?
9. Some private amenities, such as the Marina and pools, are overcrowded on holidays and popular weekends. How do you think access during overcrowded times should be handled?


Candidate Questions – Part II
Full-Time Versus Part-Time
10. Specifically, how should TD best strike a balance between the needs and expectations of part-time vs full-time residents? Some owners feel that full-time residents receive more benefits than part-time residents and should pay higher fees. What is your position on this?
11. Do you think the cost of running our private amenities such as the gym, pools, tennis courts, and marina should be apportioned based on usage, with those using the amenities more paying more? If so, how would you see such a system being implemented?

Fire Safety
12. Given the link between utility lines and the tragic fires our state has suffered over the past few years, what is your opinion on revisiting the under-grounding of Tahoe Donner’s utility lines and how would the costs be apportioned?

Short-Term Rentals
13. Do you think new STR rules benefit the TD community? Please explain why you answered yes or no.
14. Should STR renters have the same access to Tahoe Donner amenities as owners and owners’ personal guests?

15. In recent years, and with the growth in Tahoe Donner, many residents have found that there is a need for better enforcement of the Covenants and Rules pertaining to nuisance activities. Do you think we need better enforcement of the Covenants and Rules? If so, how would you accomplish that?

16. What single issue do you feel is most important to address?

Candidate Closing Statements
Charles C. Wu
Michael Sullivan
Jim Roth
Nan Meek

Closing Remarks, Brent P. Collinson, Moderator, Inspector of Elections