Laura Lindgren
Courtney Murrell
Steve Mahoney
Kristin Bohm
Rob McCRay


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Welcome by Elections Committee Chair, Bette Rohrback

Welcome by Inspector of Elections, Brent P. Collinson, Moderator

Opening Statement of Laura Lindgren
Opening Statement of Courtney Murrell
Opening Statement of Steve Mahoney
Opening Statement of Kristin Bohm, read by Nan Carnal
Opening Statement of Rob McCray

Question 1:
To say that Covid-19 has had a significant effect on Tahoe Donner over the past couple months would be an understatement. As we move toward re-opening our Association, please identify the three major challenges you believe we will face and outline specifically how you would provide leadership in meeting those challenges.

Question 2:
What strategies would you use to keep us competitive, allowing us to recruit, hire and retain quality personnel in all
of our TD programs and departments?

Question 3:
How would you address the issue currently before the board re: members loss of use of all of the amenities due to Covid-19 and reimbursement/credit of the amenity fees paid for the May 2019 – April 2020 amenity use year.

Question 4:
What do you think Tahoe Donner will look like in 5 years? 10 years? What is the demographic that we will be trying to
attract to purchase homes?

Question 5:
All candidates say they will “listen to members”. You are all well-intentioned people with differing views. How will you put your personal opinions aside and balance the input of the various constituencies: full timers, 2nd homeowners, retirees, young families, short-term rental landlords and ensure that your decisions are consistent with the vision statement?

Question 6:
What is your philosophy as to how the Board should work with Committees, e.g., Finance and GPC? What should the role of the Board liaison be?

Question 7:
To what extent do you believe climate change is having an effect on TD operations? What specific proposals do you have to meet the challenges and possibly create alternative revenue sources?

Question 8:
In your view are the Development and Reserve and Replacement Funds being adequately funded using current allocations? Why or why not? Do you favor an approach that allows for long term planning for replacement/updating of assets or a more aggressive approach that would favor replacing/updating in the near term?

Question 9:
Tahoe Donner is a much more divided community than it used to be. Why do think it has become so divided, and what would you see as the board’s role in healing those divides and bringing the community together?

Question 10:
The recent experience with COVID-19 has put a spotlight on the long-standing division between full time TD residents and second-home owners. A homeowner wrote that over the past 10 years she believes there has been an increase in rules and regulations aimed squarely at vacation homeowners. She asks, “What will you do to represent the interests of vacation homeowners, a group that represents the vast majority of the Tahoe Donner community?”

Question 11:
A member writes, “I am a big fan of our amenities and can attest from personal experience that they don’t provide sufficient capacity for our 6,400+ homeowners, almost 25,000 multi-generational family members. What will you do to address capacity at crowded facilities like Trout Creek and the Marina?”

Question 12:
Sizing and cost of a new Downhill Ski Lodge is a ‘hot topic’ with the membership and the board. The Downhill Ski Lodge Task Force has been working on developing recommendations. Their approach has been based on historical usage, TD staff recommendations and analysis by industry consultants.

The final decision on what to build will be made by the board.

Please discuss specific decision criteria that you would use for determining lodge size and associated cost.

Question 13:
There has been much discussion and beginning work by staff on revamping the entire amenity use policy, including
accompanying fee structure. Describe what you would consider to be the essential cornerstones of this updated policy and fee structure that would be fair to all of our constituent groups.

Question 14:
Would you support an initiative to significantly reduce or eliminate public use at Tahoe Donner’s public/private
amenities? Why or why not?

Question 15:
FINAL QUESTION – Why should members vote for you? What differentiates you from the other candidates?