July 23, 2012

$10 Million Tahoe Donner Ski Lodge Projects

In the recent election candidate Ken Knutsen lost by approximately 70 votes out of a total of 1656 votes. After reading Ken’s Candidate Statement it is my opinion that his biggest concern was the General Plan. It is also my opinion that the almost 800 votes for him represent a sizeable amount of interest in the General Plan

With that in mind, I asked Tom Johns, President of our Board of Directors, to allow a discussion of a possible Member Survey on General Plan major projects, including the estimated $10 Million for new Ski Lodges, to be placed on the August 2012 Board meeting agenda. Tom rejected my request.

Our By-Laws require a Membership vote on large expenditures such as the $10 Million noted above unless the funds have been previously accumulated. It is my position that a Membership vote, or at least a survey, be allowed regardless of when the money is collected.

Please email the Board at board@tahoedonner.com and demand that TDA members be allowed to express their opinions in a survey before committing TDA to a major construction project.


Paul Thomas, Tahoe Donner Member