May 24, 2013

Dear Editor,

This letter is to endorse the most highly qualified candidate for your Board of Directors based on my experience serving on your Board the past five years, twice as your President.

I endorse Jim Stang as an outstanding candidate that will bring a positive contribution to the Association. Jim not only possesses a vast amount of financial knowledge and experience, but also has contributed substantially to the current financial health of our Association. Jim has comprehensive knowledge on the status of all our facilities and the General Plan that will move Tahoe Donner ahead in a manner that will improve the value of ownership to the members.

Jim Stang has contributed prudent financial advise to our Association serving on the Finance Committee while the Board made many important purchases such as the Euer Valley and other needed improvements, within budget and without raising dues or a special assessment. Tahoe Donner members now enjoy owning in one of the most financially healthy associations in the Nation.

It is important for a candidate to contribute in a positive manner to manage the Association, and base decisions on up to date knowledge by being actively engaged. During my tenure on the Board I only observed one candidate that attended Board meetings on a regular basis and has kept actively abreast on the financial details and the vast improvements made or planned for Tahoe Donner. After reading all the candidates statements there appears to be either uninformed or a misunderstanding of facts in some statements made, therefor it is important for members to check facts by calling management. Controls and effective and reliable project tracking and systems analysis of capitol expendatures are already in place along with performance metrics . The Association is running more fiscally responsible and professionally managed today, than perhaps it’s entire past.

Jim Stang represents that kind of professional person that will keep Tahoe Donner on track with the needed improvements and service levels to benefit our members, within budget, and supports our professional and well-respected current management.

Thank you,
Suzy Knisley, retired Board of Director and President, 2007 -2012