Nov. 1, 2014


I thought We live in America, not Amerika!

In the last few weeks of the election campaign, the candidates’ signs disappeared from the public rites-of-way on Northwoods Boulevard in Tahoe Donner. I do not know who removed the signs, but the person or persons violated the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. The Supreme Court long ago opined the displaying such signs is a permitted form of free speech. Election signs in Tahoe Donner are not a safety issue as they could be along freeways.

Having sworn to uphold the Constitution on numerous occasions, I find this egregious act disrespectful of our country, our constitution, as well as every candidate whose message was removed. It is a reminder of what the Nazis and other dictatorships have historically done to destroy freedom.

Perhaps the guilty party or parties would be happier living in another country?

Paul Leyton,
Citizen Truckee