Feb. 4, 2016

Dear Board of Directors,

I am strongly opposed to eliminating motorized boat launch to/from the Tahoe Donner Marina. Like many TD members, I specifically purchased my property relying on certain deeded amenities and rights per our bylaws to use such amenities, including the ability to launch and park, a boat or jet ski at the Marina.

This common area has been legally described on the deed since 1976 as the “Marina”, which by name alone imparts the original intended use of such amenity to include boats and other watercraft. As one of our oldest and most admired common areas, the idea of materially altering this common area by vanquishing motorized watercraft should not even be up for debate without a quorum vote.

It is not sufficient to circulate a meme, host a Q&A meeting, and then make overly broad decisions at the board’s sole discretion. This proposed action is a clear abuse of rule making power which conflicts with member rights to use common areas as they were intended.

The Marina boat launch is heavily used during summer months, there have been no safety incidents related to launching that I’m aware of, the ramp is already constructed and serviceable AND the Marina was specifically established with this purpose in mind. There is even a common area for boat storage parking to support the Marina and its use by motorized watercraft!

The effort to slowly convert the Marina into a “Beach Club”, should be stopped immediately along with any other proposals to quietly, materially and permanently alter our enjoyment of common areas.

Joe Bono