Aug. 5, 2016

Dear Tahoe Donner News

I was thrilled to read in the August 2016 issue Christina Thayer’s article about trail
etiquette and right-of-way, and also the article about the Friends of Tahoe Donner

It’s been years since I’ve lived in TD, and before I moved away, I was frustrated by
the bicycle users of trails near my home. I had several near-collisions with these
people over the years. The only biker who warned me of her approach was
Elizabeth Carmel, truly a considerate mountain woman.

Now I have learned, to my glee, that there is a Trail Manager and a club in TD that
will take care of the beautiful and extensive trail system in Tahoe Donner.

My deepest thanks and appreciation goes to those who created these two entities. I
only regret I didn’t have the courage and drive to start the process while I was there.

Sue Cauhape