Aug. 10, 2017

Dear Editor,

As a former member of Tahoe Donner’s Board of Directors, I am worried, and even alarmed, by the current proposal to delegate a number of the collective Board’s powers to a single director—the president.

The idea that one director, the president, should have more power than another director invites abuse, scheming, and micro-management. Far from delivering upon promises of better communication and more transparency, both within the Board and between the Board and the Association’s General Manager, this proposal would lead to dysfunction and secrecy.

The Board as a whole gives direction to the Association’s General Manager, and this is how Tahoe Donner has governed itself for almost 50 years. The Board as a whole already does what this resolution proposes the president do alone.

We elect five directors, all equal to each other, each 20% of the whole. It is their shared duty to listen to the membership, to attend to their needs and desires, and then meet to act together in the best interest of the Association. The Board MUST NOT abdicate any of its powers and responsibilities to a single individual.

Today, Tahoe Donner is in the best financial shape ever, with member satisfaction 9+ on a scale of 10, and amenity upgrades ready to proceed. No organization is perfect, and Tahoe Donner can always be improved. But it is not broken. I fear, however, that this proposal will break it.

Courtney Murrell
Former Tahoe Donner Director, 2013-2016
Truckee, CA