Oct. 10, 2017

After seeing the devastation of the many nearby wildfires this month, it is time to reassess budget allocations. We need to spend considerably more on cleaning up the debris from common areas and owners lots. Even after all the damage from last winter’s storms, there is no excuse for downed trees, piles of pine needles, etc remaining throughout the summer. T D is a fire waiting to happen. We spend considerable sums remodeling and updating facilities. Funds should be moved from capital improvements to forestry and clean up. What good are all these beautiful facilities if they are in ashes?

Barbara Bysiek/Timens


Board Response

Dear Barbara,

Thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns regarding Tahoe Donner Forestry Cleanup.  First off, after working in the Fire Service for 34 years, I have a heightened level of awareness regarding wildfire.  The Forestry Department has been working 6 days a week along with a private contractor to clear as much debris as humanly possible.  With that said, the Board has approved additional funding to hire the additional help.  With the wide spread forest damage around the Tahoe Basin and beyond, Tahoe Donner is doing what it can to mitigate the hazard.

We have also been in discussion with our local Fire Agencies and Law Enforcement, reviewing our areas Emergency Management Plan in the event of a disaster.  This Saturday we will be discussing the Plan and we’ll make recommendations on how our HOA Membership can be better prepared.

Jeff Schwerdtfeger, Vice President
Board of Directors
Tahoe Donner Association