Nov. 14, 2017

Please do not ban electric bike from the trails in the X-Country area. I am 75years old and have minimal strength and endurance due to medical reasons. The only way I can enjoy these trails is on my electric bike. I always yield to hikers and horses. If speed is an issue , please address only those who cause a problem.

Lee Shattuck


Board Response

Dear Mr. Shattuck,

Thank you for your letter. Electric bikes (e-bikes) are banned by TD’s covenants rules which state that “motor-powered bikes” are prohibited on TD’s trails. This rule has been in place for years.

With the introduction of e-bikes and their value to people such as you, the Tahoe Donner Board recently decided to hold membership meetings to discuss whether we should amend our covenants rule. E-bikes on trails are controversial; many public agencies and other property owners are struggling with this issue. Your courtesy to other trail users is certainly appreciated, but TD does not have sufficient staff to ensure that all future e-bike users act similarly.

We will advertise the e-bike town hall meetings via the TD e-mail blasts. We anticipate holding the meetings in January. We look forward to your participation.

Jennifer Jennings
TD Board Member