November 14, 2018

Shame on me for not getting involved earlier, but I didn’t think that it would get this bad. I am disappointed with the new rules regarding short term rentals. My wife and I have been dreaming about owning a cabin in Truckee our whole lives as we are avid outdoor people. We have been coming to the area for many years. Our dream was realized in 2015 when we purchased our vacation home in Tahoe Donner. We loved the area, amenities, and the community. When purchasing a second home we knew that we would have to rent it out a few times a year to help defer some of the costs of owning a second home. We were hoping to be able to cover the cost of the utilities, snow removal, insurance.. To accomplish this goal we felt we would need to rent it out about 6-8 times a year. Not a big deal but part of the plan to own a second home.
I was surprised to get a call from the Town of Truckee this spring wanting a registration fee and 13% back taxes for rents from my home. Then to find out that Tahoe Donner wants a piece of the action too is now over the top. Due to competition on Short Term Rental websites and additional fees, have made it no longer profitable to rent out the cabin. I do not rent out my cabin and it goes unused when I am not there. I pay the same Association Fees that someone who lives here year around/365 days a year. I use the cabin about 60 days a year including the days that it was rented. If I follow the new proposed rules for short term rentals I will have to hire an addition person to stand by on the off chance that there is an issue with parking, noise, or other. This is robbery.

The street where the cabin is located on is filled with vacant houses most of the year. The people that live on the street enjoy the benefits of living in a vacant vacation community most of the year. On occasion, I can image that there could be a problem from a short term renter. However, I deal with problems from my regular neighbors regularly. I haven’t seen a big problem in Tahoe Donner. I feel the Association is adding restrictive rules that need to be repealed. The majority of owners in Tahoe Donner are second homeowners and don’t need the extra restrictions and hassle. These restrictions will affect home values as it may price out people who are now unable to rent out their cabin. These rules need to be re-thought before home values plummet.

Chris Auby


Board Response

Dear Chris,

Thank you for your email regarding the short-term rental rules that the Tahoe Donner Board adopted in October.

I hope I can alleviate your concerns about the short-term rental rules. First, you mention the Town of Truckee’s transit occupancy tax and state the Tahoe Donner now wants a “piece of the action.” Tahoe Donner is not charging you any money for the use of your home as a short-term rental. The draft rule included a $150 registration fee, but the Board did not include the fee in the final rules. Second, you state that the rules require you to hire someone to stand by in case there is a problem at your home when it is rented. That is incorrect. Under the rules, you are required to identify a person who can make contact either in person or by phone with the tenants to address a complaint. Knowing that one person may not always be available, you may identify up to three people. The Association’s goal is for the problem to be corrected as soon as possible.

I hope I have resolved your concerns. If you have more questions or need more details you can email or visit

Jennifer Jennings
TDA Board President