March 9, 2019

I was hoping to make a suggestion that Tahoe Donner provide its home owners annual proof of residency in Truckee (along with the names of the people on the association dues) that could be used with Cal Trans for Hwy 80 closures when they are only allowing residence to pass. This would be very helpful to second home owners (and children who drive ) who do not carry identification with Truckee addresses, as most of us do not. Recently, my daughter was trying to get home from Squaw Valley (while working part-time) and was turned around because her drivers license did not have the Truckee address. I do understand that Tahoe Donner would likely have to take a second step to notify Cal Trans of this plan. I think it would help us all take care of our homes better in the winter if we knew we would not be turned away as well. Thanks for your consideration.

Melissa Brendt