January 30, 2020

Hello Board members and Management Team,

I have been a home owner in Tahoe Donner since 2013. The primary reason for purchasing here is for the amenities and specifically the Cross Country Ski Center. The whole family ski XC extensively. I know we are having a good winter for XC this year. However, this has not always been the case and with the clear global warming trend, we will most likely have a difficult time in the years to come to keep the center open unless we invest in snowmaking. I know this has been discussed for a long time. I am very curious to know why nothing has been done yet? When I review the financials I realize that the XC center is very profitable in good snow years. Is this a cash flow we are willing to give up?

As a reference, I just returned from Seefeld, Austria (in my view maybe the premier XC ski location in the World. 20 years ago, snow was guaranteed there and there was no snowmaking. Today, the rely almost exclusively on snowmaking. I counted about 40 snow canons around the core trails dedicated to only cross country trails. For them this is vital to their community. What would happen to Tahoe Donner if we could no longer really on snow in the winter which is a very likely scenario in the short to medium term. Happy to share a picture from Seefeld separately.

I believe we can start small and just make sure we cover trails up to Moondance hut and back. These trails are important to get out to the rest of the system that tend to have better coverage. It is critical for the future of the center that we can ensure some skiing in low snow years, especially over holidays.

In general terms, it is vital that we continue to invest in our excellent amenities!

Looking forward to hearing about investments in Snowmaking for Cross Country! Please feel free to reach out if you have questions.

Joachim Wettermark