February 21, 2020

Yes, my name is Thomas stokes, I have lived permanently in Tahoe Donner since 1997 and Truckee since 1974. I have been a serious cross country skier at T.D. since the year the center was opened out of a horse barn in the 1985-86 season. The recent proposal to create a snow making option at the center is timely and necessary. In the short and long term it will pay for itself many times over by extending the season at the front end, i.e. the Christmas holiday and at other times in mid season when we have snow shortfalls such as we are currently experiencing. Climate change will only exacerbate this issue. Tahoe Donner Cross Country is an amenity that is a premier cross country center in the entire U.S. It is flat out great. It should remain open to the public and members alike. Snow making will only make it more successful financially and encourage the healthy lifestyle we all so honor and appreciate. Please consider this in your long and short term capital improvement budget considerations. Thank you, Thomas Stokes