55April 20, 2011

Dear Board of Directors,

I am writing to request that the board conduct a binding vote of the Tahoe Donner Membership to approve or disapprove the 2030 General Plan and proposed spending budget.

It is my belief that decision about the plan and budget have not been made with adequate input from membership: The ‘Town Hall” meetings had an overall combined attendance of 220 attendees (2 at the cross-country town hall were the public).  Many of those attendees were at more than one town hall meeting. Even if all the 220 were different members this is an inadequate number in relation to the overall membership, to base the kinds of decisions and spending amounts that the 2030 plan calls for.  I don’t think that the ‘demographic survey’ that was conducted awhile ago asked for approval of either plans or amounts of money to be spent.

While the board and management together, with the ‘Town Hall’ meeting input and ‘demographic survey’ drafted this plan I don not believe there was enough or adequate membership input to quantify or qualify these the 2030 plan.

Many members do not live in Tahoe Donner full time and have a difficult time attending either board meetings or ‘Town Hall’ meetings.

I believe it is in the best interest of Tahoe Donner to conduct a vote of the membership, on the plan and spending amounts, and that vote should be binding.  I propose that this vote take place during the election process for new board members.  I further propose that the voting process should be announced both in the Tahoe Donner Magazine as well as the instant mail updates that go to those with e-mail addresses.

Bruce Brody