July 6, 2020

I need this issue addressed immediately. I garden at my house Fiord on Northwoods. I am a full time resident, and have lived in Truckee and Lake Almanor for 25 years. The amount of traffic on upper Northwoods is unbearable. There are only a minority number of houses beyond my block. What I see is 10 or 15 people escaping covid by overtaking our town.
The speeding is so far beyond 35 that I have spoken to Truckee police many times. They informed me of a bad accident at Fiord a few days ago.
I am in a poor cell service block, and the system cannot take this many people! So I have no way to call 911.
My property, which extents quite a way into a green zone is trampled.
The does have finally arrived. How many more deer, and twins need to suffer! A large buck was mangled a year ago.
Most of all, this overpopulation is dumped on onto our local population. These are not people acting nicely. They are in serve me fast, I am in party mode, I’m not social distancing. This is an overload on our emergency room, police, medical workers…
Either owners that rent their homes out don’t know that 12 people will be in their rentals, or they don’t care.
It is obvious that our covid numbers will sky rocket, and it isn’t fair to locals life myself! It isn’t fair to our struggling medical workers, not fair to essential workers.
Shut Tahoe Donner down, NOW. Our community is more important than golf!
I am going to contact the news outlets about the failures that bright these people here. We already see work from home populations here. Most don’t venture out to appreciate nature. The current crouds at popular hiking destination close out locals from these wonderful trecks here, and around Lake Tahoe.
Essential our lives have been overrun by covid escapies!
Tahoe Donner is responsible in this! This is a time of emergency, and bold, unpopular rules need to be made.
Shut down all activities! NOW! Control the populationN . Remember, California has spiked. We have an obligation to bring numbers down! We also have an obligation to the small towns in Truckee hospital radius.
I want this to go to the new managers, and board asap, and I want a response!
Suzy Gardner