July 7, 2020

I just spoke to people with the sanitation district with slow and stop traffic. The traffic doesn’t slow through, and they feel threatened. They are working for our existence! They are essential local workers!
Does a Z market escential worker need to sit in traffic near 7/11 for half an hour to get to work matter?!
It seems like no locals matter at all. We are being forsaken for tourists in party mode. Truckee locals are suffering!
My daughter was working two jobs this fall, winter and spring to make the now ballooning high rents! She was unemployed quickly as California shut down. She had to leave the state for employment. Does she matter?! Does my life matter as I am high risk? Does the wildlife lives matter.. the does are dropping twins soon! My block is a migration path from Alder Creek. Do their existence matter?! T
current answer is no we don’t matter.

Make bold decisions Tahoe Donner!

I have asked for a blinking speed flashing sign for upper Northwoods for 7 years. Board, get in touch with Truckee police and act on this!

Suzy Gardner