October 22, 2020

My wife and I have lived full time in Tahoe Donner for approximately 24 years, and we own two Tahoe Donner properties. I understand that Tahoe Dinner’s Board is considering an 8.5% to 13.9% increase to the 2021 Assessment Fee. I consider an increase in excess of 5% to be excessive.

One of the major components of the assessment fee increase appears to be the funding of a sizeable replacement of the ski lodge. I have heard project cost estimates’ ranging from $18,000,000 to $30,000,000.

I understand that the existing ski lodge needs to be upgraded. However, in my opinion, the proposed project is too large for a small, beginner mountain like Tahoe Donner, which will never be Squaw Valley or Northstar. Given the unknown long-term negative impacts of the pandemic, global warming, and Tahoe Donner’s changing demographic mix, it would be prudent to study alternative, less costly, functional plans to improve the ski lodge, while not unnecessarily increasing homeowner fees.

Robert French