October 23, 2020

I am watching the Strategic Plan workshop which is not open to public comments. It seems the board directors were not given the information beforehand because so much time is wasted on semantics. This is what happens at the board meetings too. Are they reading the materials from the management for the first time at the meeting? I don’t understand Don Koenes’ objection to use of certain words. I don’t understand Jim’s effort to steer the meeting towards amenities. I don’t understand Steve’s contention that people buy homes in TD for the amenities.

I am dismayed at Charles Wu’s suggestion that each director should just send input individually to the GM and let the GM just make a sausage out of all the disparate inputs. It suggests that this current board members can’t play together in the sandbox. It’s their job to come together and bring a consensus feedback to the GM since they are the ones elected by the homeowners. That is a direction the GM deserves to get.

Min Yi