May 23, 2011

        $10 Million for new Tahoe Donner Ski Lodges

Sometime back I requested a membership vote on this proposal as stated in the TDA By-Laws. Director Wulff advised me that as the funds would be previously accumulated a vote was not necessary. Director Wulff did, however, support a survey of the Membership at the April 16th meeting. The other Directors did not support a survey.   At the May 21st Board meeting Director Wulff supported  the formation of an ad hoc Task Force Committee to help provide more information on the project. The other Directors and the GM  did not support it.

So, it is my opinion that:

1. Although the Board has said “We want your input”, there will be no vote, survey, or Task Force Committee.

2. Unless the Board receives input opposing the plan, we will get two new ski lodges to “capture public revenues”. If the Lodge and the Trout Creek expansion are any examples, the cost may  exceed $10 million.

3. As the money has been taken from us on an gradual, ongoing manner (boiling frog concept) not too many people seem to care anyway. I hope I am wrong on this one.

If you oppose the $10 Million expenditure to “capture public Revenues”, I recommend you contact the Board, and the  GM:

Paul Thomas,
20 year full time Tahoe Donner resident