Dear board members,

This letter is in reference to item #18 on the May 28, 2021 Board meeting agenda, regarding the downhill ski

As you know, I have been working on this project as a member of the GPC and lodge task force for more than
four years. During the time of my leadership of GPC, the committee formally recommended replacement of the
ski lodge. I continue to believe that is the right decision for the Association, provided (1) a new lodge is sized to
meet the needs of the membership and (2) that the project is planned with an understanding of its financial
impact on the completion of other essential and desirable spending priorities for Tahoe Donner.

It is premature approve the conceptual design for the accelerated development process outlined in board
materials. It does not meet either of the above criteria and there are too many unexamined assumptions driving
both the schematic design and the pro forma.

The appropriate decision by the board is to defer significant spending on the proposal until (1) key policy
questions have been addressed and decided with the participation of Tahoe Donner owner-members and (2) a
defensible set of assumptions are developed, explained and applied in a transparent economic analysis of the
expected benefits and risks of the proposal, including both the project and also the finances and quality of life in
Tahoe Donner.

A beginning list of key unexamined and questionable assumptions are described in the Addendum following my

Best regards,

Rob McCray
Unit 6, Lot 413