I write to urge modification of the summer amenity reopening proposal with respect to the Marina. Like the other private amenities, a reservation system that prioritizes access for owners, along with their families and guests, should be implemented. The Marina, like Trout Creek, is a private facility intended for the use of the owners, not for public use.

We have historically allowed short-term renters to use our private facilities, but this system was implemented when there was available excess capacity. With the explosive growth in Airbnb rentals (which did not previously exist), and the growth in build out in Tahoe Donner, this is no longer the case.

The data from the TD Finance Department for the two years prior to Covid shows that on peak days at the Marina (weekends and the Fourth of July), unaccompanied guest usage (primarily short-term renters) increased dramatically, to as much as 25% or more of users, and owner usage decreased. Owners at these times were squeezed out by short-term renters, and for those who were able to access the facility, enjoyment significantly decreased.

The reservation system implemented last summer resolved these issues: owners and their guests had priority, with short-term renters still be given access when there was sufficient capacity. A modified system, without the time and capacity limits required by Covid, would address the issue and ensure owner access to our private facilities. And, for actual unaccompanied guests, the owner could make and pay for the reservation.

I am aware that owners who engage in short-term rentals tout access to our private facilities in advertising rentals. However, short-term renters would still have full access to Donner Lake at Donner State Park or West End Beach, as well as at the public boat launch, on days when there is not excess capacity.

The alternative, of course, would be to simply exclude short-term renters on the weekends and holidays. Again, this would ensure that the owners are provided the access to the private facilities that they are entitled to under our CC&Rs, and for which they pay.

The problem of increasing short-term renters is not unique to Tahoe Donner. A number of HOAs, including Dollar Point and Old Greenwood, have instituted bans on the use of private amenities at all by short-term renters. The modified reservation system, or limited usage, are preferable solutions as they continue to allow use by short-term renters when there is excess capacity not used by the owners.

Laura Lindgren
13233 Muhlebach Way