May 28, 2021

Regarding the proposed replacement ski lodge, I am concerned that increasing the size beyond 22,000 SF will negatively impact funding for other amenities. We are not just a ski resort. My wife and I have visited the tennis center the past three days and we are shocked by the condition of the courts. There are cracks in many courts that can nearly swallow a tennis ball. Yet under capital projects, nothing is planned now or in the future for repairing these courts. I hope the board realizes that while the ski hill does generate more revenue than any other amenity, only a small percentage of our members use that amenity. Please consider what happens to these other amenities if the board decides to go “all in” for a 28,000 SF ski lodge. Members really don’t care if the new lodge meets “industry standards” when these other amenities are deteriorating and unsafe.

Bill Pepoon