June 2, 2021

I write to address the parking limits at the Marina by encouraging cycling:

At the last Board meeting, Miguel discussed the limits on Marina parking and several options to address. There was also discussion of the issue of encourage E-bike transportation, which is an excellent idea given the significant increase in E-bikes on the road in TD.

As a cyclist, I have three suggestions to encourage cycling to the Marina as an alternative to cars:

1. E-bikes can be quite expensive, and there must be secure parking for the bikes or no one will risk using them. Right now, there are bike racks outside of the Marina (and one inside), but they are very insecure. First, this is the type of rack where only the rear tire can be locked, leaving the main part of the bike subject to theft (and sometimes referred to as “wheel benders). The common practice now is to use bike racks that allow a U lock or other type of lock that goes through the frame as well, or a bike coral. Second, bike racks should all be inside the Marina for security.

There are two “no parking” areas that could work for new, adequate racks; or, if many cyclists replace car trips, one of the parking spaces could be utilized.

Several cities use Dero for commercial bike racks (www.dero.com). They make a variety of racks that will accommodate multiple bikes secured with U-locks. Alternatively, the Town may provide guidance.

2. Miguel also discussed the plan to arrange member parking at the high school, with a shuttle bus. In addition, members could be advised to park at the high school and ride a bike from there. Since it is a short, flat route, members could utilize very basic bikes or beach cruisers, many of which are set up to carry items for the beach. (If Truckee initiates a bike share, we could also ask them to place a station near the Marina.)

3. Cyclists riding from TD are more likely to do so if they feel and are safe from cars. One of the components of the traffic calming/bike and pedestrian friendly plan we would like for Tahoe Donner is a buffered bike lane on Northwoods from the Clubhouse to Donner Pass Road. A “buffered bike” lane is simply a lane set off with two double white lines instead of one. It is safer and more secure for cyclists, and has a secondary benefit of calming traffic. Northwoods Blvd is wide enough in that section to meet the requirements for a buffered lane.

Since we currently have cars coming up the hill at high speeds, with many approaching 50 miles an hour, this would be a “win win” for all of us. And, since it is quite inexpensive to create, the Town of Truckee may be willing to proceed with this quickly.

Tahoe Donner members are largely outdoor oriented, and many of them, as well as the Town of Truckee, are looking for ways to limit car usage and encourage alternative transportation. We have the opportunity to be leaders in this area, and to create a healthy transportation alternative. I urge the Board and Management to implement these ideas, and of course I am happy to assist in any way, including simply encouraging my neighbor to consider cycling to the Marina.

Laura Lindgren