June 22, 2021

I am writing in connection with Item 5 on the June 25th board of directors meeting agenda.

I urge support for the proposed $6,473.00 donation from our HOA to the Measure T. campaign.

Should the ballot measure be approved by local voters, it will impose a yearly $179 parcel tax on 100% of the homes and vacant lots in Tahoe Donner, although only homeowners who are registered to vote in Nevada County can actually vote. Over the 8 year life of this parcel tax, a total of $9.6 million will be generated from properties within our HOA. Although I am not registered to vote here, I recognize there is currently a high risk of wildfires in this community and region, but the total amount of funding to address this problem is relatively modest.

For these reasons, I would appreciate it if the following questions could be addressed by the GM or senior TD staff when this agenda item is discussed Friday:

1. Has Truckee Fire District Chief Seline committed to appoint TD staff or homeowners to the advisory committee to be established for oversight and making recommendations on how the Measure T. proceeds will be spent for wildfire prevention projects each year? We need to urge Chief Seline to do so since TD homeowners will be contributing nearly 1/3rd of Measure T. revenues for the next 8 years.

2. Has Tahoe Donner applied for and are we actively pursuing any of the new grant money for wildfire prevention and forest resiliency projects from the $536 million in new state funding from Senate Bill 85? This legislation was enacted by the Legislature and Governor in mid-April. file:///C:/Users/Owner/Downloads/202120220SB85_Senate%20Floor%20Analyses.pdf

The new grant funds from SB 85 could supplement what Tahoe Donner is already spending from our annual assessments for wildfire prevention and forest resiliency projects in our HOA, as well as what our local fire district is seeking to do with Measure T.

Thank you
Jeff Shellito