June 25, 2021

Dear Members of the Board,

First a comment and then a number of questions.

I am sure that you have read the letter that I wrote to the Board on the Tahoe-Donner website and posted on Nextdoor a week ago concerning my desire for a respectful, factual, and balanced discussion (based on the best available information) of the proposed Tahoe Donner Alpine Ski Lodge. We need to make sure that all Tahoe Donner member voices are heard, not just the loudest ones. I know that not all members are in favor of the proposed Lodge, but it is clear that the majority want an informed and respectful discussion. The desire of many Members to put this to a vote may be warranted, but only if the Membership is properly informed of what the options are, and we are not there yet.

Now my questions of the Board members: Based on your current knowledge and understanding of the proposed Tahoe Donner Alpine Ski Lodge;

1. Would you vote to approve of a Ski Lodge larger than 29,000 square feet?
2. Would you authorize variances to Tahoe Donner’s quiet hour regulations for events at the Ski Lodge?
3. Would you authorize the expenditure for expansion of the Ski Lodge parking lots?
4. Would you pursue the use of shuttle busses (particularly electric vehicles) to shuttle Lodge users to and from skiing or other events to help mitigate traffic, pollution, noise, and the possibility of impaired driving as people travel to and from the Lodge?

Respectfully submitted, Peter Sawyer