July 19, 2021

Rethinking Marina Parking

On average how many families use the Marina per day?
On average how many boats with trailers use the Marina per day?
Why do boat trailers have priority parking over young families with strollers life vests beach towels snacks etc.?
Why can’t the boat trailers be parked at the high school and take the shuttle back over to the Marina?

I had my young grandchildren visiting and it was extremely difficult for me to wait in the sun at the high school with my grandchildren and all of their equipment. I also observed many other young families waiting with their children and equipment. Are you assuming, there are always be two adults with the children and only one of the adults parks and takes the shuttle? This is not the case.

How long does the average boat trailer stay in the parking lot? What is their turn over rate? Do boat trailers pay a premium for preferred parking?
How long does a family stay at the Marina? What is their turn over rate? Might several families turn over parking spaces more frequently that boat trailers?
Would converting boat trailer parking to regular parking serve more members of TD?

Christine Lodge