March 9, 2012

To whom this concerns,

Hello my name is Tom Pratt and I am a property owner in Tahoe Donner and have lived in T.D. since 1977. I am 57 years old and have raised my 3 children here. My family and I have enjoy all that Tahoe Donner has to offer regardless of which facilities we use.

I would like to address, or re introduce, the rejected proposal that was shelved on the installation of a Disc Golf Course. Two of my children, that are now collage graduates, my son, currently a collage senior (at CSUMB which has 2 courses and hosted the World Championships this past fall) and myself very much enjoy this sport.

When news that we (TD) had plans and approval to develop a course, we were thrilled and anxiously awaited its installation with great anticipation. I am not sure as to what happened in the course of events and meetings that changed this approved plan, but for me and my family it was a great disappointment.

I feel that the Tahoe Donner property owner family would benefit in many ways with this added amenity.

1) It is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.
2) Cost for installation is low
3) No/low cost to run/maintain
4) It offers good exercise in a natural setting
5) Low impact to the environment. It’s a GREEN sport.
6) Many hrs.of very inexpensive fun for all families.
7) Safe sport with low liability
8) It can co exist with existing amenities to benefit both.
9) We have the open space available /with the purchase of Euer Valley and McGlaushen Springs.
10) Potential added retail sales,of discs,hats ,shirts,snacks,Tournament hosting etc.
11) Could offer Day Campers Kid camps an additional activity.

I did disagree with the proposed location at the ski hill. This was a poor site for many reasons in my estimation.

A) Access parking
B) Topography much to steep and lack of variation in terrain
C) Lack of vegetation and natural obstacles.
D) Wind prone area.
E) Area is hot and overly exposed.
F) Commingling it with another open facility would benefit both.
G) Harder to develop = higher cost
H) Not user friendly

My suggested location would be in the south/south west region of the Nordic Ski area,Equestrian area.This area offers all the upside benefits outlined in my previous list #1 through #11.

I have been meaning to write to you on this and finally found a few minutes.

Thank you for your time.

Tom Pratt and family